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    Sad place

    Was the place to be not long ago. Thanks to M$ it is pretty dead here. Not going to 10 with my metered internet.
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    Needa link for Intel G41 Express Chipset driver for Win8.1

    Read through this thread. The linkto driver works for me.
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    Latest version of Avast Antivirus

    Hi Shawn! I went to Comodo over a year ago, haven't looked back, very pleased with it.
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    Device Manager Saying "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter"

    Doubt you will find a 8.1 or 10 driver for a display chip that old. EDIT: You can try Vista or 7 drivers in compatibility mode as described here: Radeon x1300 and windows 8 - Microsoft Community
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    Can I use a different internal fan for my laptop?

    Did you check with the laptop manufacturer? How much lower voltage?
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    Nope! Decided 8.1 not worth risk

    Edythe, that is what keeps me going plus I like to learn by doing. :) But no, don't be forced into doing something you really don't want to do. Really should image your system at least once a month to save a lot of grief (stress) if HDD crashes or other hardware failure.
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    please help me : WHY GET WIN.8.1 ?

    I know it is confusing but the bottom line is support for 8 is going to end much sooner than for 8.1.
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    My screen is black all the time

    Um, how's he going to do that if screen is all black?
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    How do I connect two PCs to the same one external hdd?

    Buy a router that has a NAT USB port, share it across the network. Don't know of anyone these days who has no router they can control regardless what the ISP provides.
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    Can I use a Windows XP disc?

    If it came with 8.1 then you can download the ISO, install it and the key in the BIOS should be recognized. There should also be a reset/recover partition on the drive if you can get to the repair menu. There is also a repair install as described here once you have the ISO...
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    Laptop running extremely slow and other issues.

    Update to 8.1 would be my first advice. Personally love it with Classic Shell. Can't remember last crash, runs fast. Also always sfc /scannow and DISM. Admit, didn't read the entire post.
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    Solved Keep losing wireless connection, have to disable and enabl

    First, make sure you have latest driver installed here (click on the hardware version): Linksys Official Support - WUSB6300 Downloads Then be sure all power saving features are turned off for your USB ports and WiFi adapter in Device Manager and Advanced Power settings.
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    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

    Man what a pain in the butt! Not jumping through those hoops just to download audio drivers. My Realtek chip is older anyway and probably getting no benefit from newer drivers. Doesn't even support the Maxx Audio stuff. Thanks for the info though. :) EDIT: Thanks Cliff was typing while you...
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    Latest Realtek HD Audio Driver Version for Windows 8

    Thanks erpster, the direct link works, no idea why IE11 doesn't work for me. Just get a blank update catalog page.