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    Solved Windows explorer, taking up 20%CPU all time

    this looks a lot like mine. 22% max cpu 20-22% CPU usage. is the max for the system. I had upgraded to the same processor (i7-4700mq @ 2.4 GHz) on a windows 7 machine. It ran nice and fast. That system had a hard drive issue, so I returned it. They swapped it for a windows 8 machine, and I'm...
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    LOW CPU usage. 20% maxes out (Not Throttled)

    I seem to have the opposite issues of a lot of people. . . My stuff frequently crawls. It seems that my CPU maxes out at around 20% I am having an issue mostly with firefox since that is what I use, but other things don't seem to go over either. I can be stalled out. I can be sitting there...