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    Are We Dying????

    My 2 W8 systems have moved on to W10 and the wife's W7 is in limbo for now but will go to W10 in the near future. Lot of same people on these forums and I only check W7 and W8 forums once a week but check W10 forum daily. I stay active on Norton and Malwarebytes forums also. Jim :geek:
  2. Phone Man

    Reserve Windows 10 question

    You can use the Windows 10 Media Creation tool to upgrade at anytime or save the ISO and upgrade later. Option Two Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums
  3. Phone Man

    No more canned air for me !

    Just ordered from Amazon for $57.99 and will get it Monday. Jim :dinesh:
  4. Phone Man

    Windows 8.1 installation disc for a friend

    Just a heads up. The mediacreationtool.exe is updated every Month to include MS updates. Depending when you downloaded it you may want to download a fresh copy.. Jim :cool:
  5. Phone Man

    Solved SFC finds corrupt files. DISM won't fix them.

    Read his thread. http://www.eightforums.com/windows-updates-activation/66243-scoop-kb-3022345-system-file-corruption-2.html Quote from KB3022345 article. Looking at your sfcdetails file that is what you are getting. Jim :cool:
  6. Phone Man

    Solved Windows Defender and 360 Total Security Keep Turning Off

    I have seen this before. You can try and uninstall 360 and then see if you can get Defender to turn on. Try updating Defender and run a scan and after Defender is happy then install 360 and see if that helps. Jim :cool:
  7. Phone Man

    Solved Windows media creation tool missing

    Its working now. Give it another try. MS was probably updating the file as they do this to add the latest updates. Jim :cool:
  8. Phone Man

    Solved New Firefox is blocking Adobe Flash

    It's a new FF policy. There was a zero-day exploit reported in Flash and FF blocked Flash to protect users. Jim :cool:
  9. Phone Man

    Solved Cannot update or uninstall embedded Adobe 18.0 in IE 11

    Flash was updated this morning to and MS has not updated IE 11. It will come through Windows Update hopefully later today. Jim :cool:
  10. Phone Man

    Solved why this update again ?

    You need to read the KB articles and then make a decision to install them or not. KB 3035583 is Rev 4 released on 7/9. KB 2976978 is Rev 11 and released on 7/7. If you look at the file list many have new dates so have been revised. Jim :cool:
  11. Phone Man

    KB2976978... again, and again !

    If you look at the KB articles it shows that KB2976978 was revised on 7/7 and is now Rev 11. KB305035583 was revised on 7/9 and is Rev 4. If you look at the files involved they have new dates so were revised since the last time they were installed. After looking at them I went ahead and...
  12. Phone Man

    Solved why this update again ?

    This is a revision 4 and looks like an update of a lot of the files so I installed it. Jim :cool:
  13. Phone Man

    KB2976978... again, and again !

    I had installed KB2976978 yesterday and WU offered it again. I ignored the 2nd offering and when WU ran this afternoon it disappeared so all is good. Jim :cool:
  14. Phone Man

    Solved Inspired

    It would be a bit lighter. Jim :D
  15. Phone Man

    Windows Defender is turned off & isn't monitoring my comp

    Avast is taking Defenders place and turns it off. Jim :cool: