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    Why Are PC Sales Up And Tablet Sales Down?

    But I thought the PC is died. As has been said many times about this, it was just a migration of people who only needed the basics to get onto the internet but in the past had to buy a full featured desktop or laptop to get there. It wasn't the end of an era as was suggested.
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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    I have Office 2003 on many computers here. It works fine and meets our needs. It's 2014. We bought that version of office over a decade ago. . .That is why software companies are pushing the subscription model. And NO, the PC is not dead, but software companies would probably like them to be...
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    So, you want to adopt BYOD?

    I think manufacturers want to push BYOD because IT departments learn how to do things efficiently. If you let a group of 500 people manage their own devices, they are each going to buy different services, plans, accessories warranties etc. If IT does it, we buy in bulk, centralize management...
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    Amazon rival Newegg heading to the UK in March

    I love Newegg. I use the Newegg business site and the regular site. Both have been great. Prices, shipping and customer service are superb. The web site is robust and has a great search feature. They have a warehouse 1 state over from me so standard shipping will often get me the goods...
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    Microsoft Designer Explains the Reasons for Bringing Metro

    Mr. Pwnie really is dashing through the skies with his head in the clouds. Land of milk and honey. .:sarc:. What a strange statement. Was the metro UI the land of salvation we were all looking for? Were we struggling to free ourselves from the oppressive enslavement of Windows 7? I still...
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    Microsoft: More than 200 million Windows 8 licenses sold

    I was sold several Windows 8 computers. They were delivered with Windows 7 installed. What I purchased shows on the invoice as a Windows 8 computer, but it was already downgraded (upgraded really ;) ) to Windows 7. I don't think Microsoft should be proud in any way of those numbers or try to...
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    The beginning of the end of Mozilla Firefox

    I just grabbed Pale Moon. I like it. It's the new Firefox. Using Win 7, no skydrive.
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    The beginning of the end of Mozilla Firefox

    NOOOOO! Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will. Recently, ads in Skype were compromised and they were serving up malware sites. My preference is for these programs to just perform their task. Give me an address bar and that's all I need.
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    Microsoft: Help your friends and family get off Windows XP

    Safety and security lies in the index finger, not in the operating system.
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    4 advantages Windows 8.1 has over Android in mobile

    You mean like Microsoft did with the addition of Windows 8 to their OS lineup? One size fits all isn't working out that well for Windows platforms. Until they do. . . keep downloading those drivers! ;)
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    Mail app enhancements for the enterprise in Windows 8.1

    I prefer the little blue pills for all of my mail app enhancements. :thumbsup:
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    Thunderstorm readiness - surge woes - your approach?

    Shutdown anything that writes to the NAS first (your computers) and then have a battery backup shutdown the port that you have the NAS plugged into. APC has a network shutdown software app called PowerChute. You can configure that to trigger a shutdown command on battery events and shutdown all...
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    Microsoft Claims That Windows 8 Is Finally Taking Off...

    I bought 2 HP PC's recently. They came with Windows 7 installed. Presumably they were downgraded from an 8 license. When I ordered it, the online listing from NewEgg said Windows 7. When I received them, the line item on for the PC's said Windows 8. The tag on the PC says Windows 8. Installed...
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    Microsoft Insists That It’s Now a Consumer-Shaped Company

    :roflmao: Saas is digial slavery. For your wallet at least. Maybe that is a bit dramatic, but I really don't like the push for web serviced software and saas. I've had many products that I have bought once and used for years and years. No additional fees. There is a push to remove that model...
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    8 struggling technologies: Which ones will survive?

    I like the Windows phones. Not sure why adoption is so low. Much better user experience than all Androids I've used.