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    Red earphone icon takes over

    You could just uninstall the music app from the start screen, which will fix the associations for all media types.
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    Solved Search from Start Screen

    You have to recreate the search everytime after viewing a file. If you don't want to, search from a desktop explorer window.
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    Your general opinions on Windows 8.1 Preview Release

    It seems that search (win+q) is horribly broken. It's slow, and finds less than win7 search. I like the other changes, but I abuse search too much for this to work for me. I'd also rather be able to hide the start button.
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    Solved BASIC programs

    Try using dosbox. it should work in that.
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    Theoretical uses for Windows 8/RT?

    The only theoretical use for RT: Using Word/excel/powerpoint. Past that, Windows RT is practically worthless. You can do that other stuff on Windows 8, but then again, you could also do it on 7.
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    This was supposed to be an upgrade?

    You can and definitely should make a local account. ALWAYS. You should be able to do it on any win8 PC.
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    Windows RT vs Android

    Mostly unbased rumor. Technically impossible to to as a full Win Store app. RT sandbox is much, much too restrictive.
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    Windows RT vs Android

    Bluestacks is x86 only. Almost definitely won't work in RT.
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    Windows RT vs Android

    What can Windows RT do that Android can't? MS office Also, printing of MS office documents Split screen(but it's not very nice)...kind of-android CAN split screen if you go through the trouble flash...kind of-android CAN flash if you go through the trouble What can Android do that Windows RT can't...
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    Passwords on Windows 8

    Create a local account. DON'T EVER use MS account. Just no..
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    Too many tablet choices this Xmas -- how to choose

    There are only 3 main choices. I've created a simple algorithm to help choose. if(need REAL Windows) { buy x86 tablet } else if(poor) { buy android } else { buy ipad }
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    how do i really use the photo app?

    If you start the app from the start screen, then use the built in file navigation, you might be able to. But really, metro photos app is really just THAT BAD.
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    how do i really use the photo app?

    You didn't. Metro photos app sucks like that.
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    'Real Work'

    Real work means the creation of high complexity content that does not already exist. Since Windows RT has most of MS office (excel, word, powerpoint), it CAN be used of real work, if that real work is done in office. The potential of Windows RT ends as soon as you need to do something besides...
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    Opening Laptop Lid Starts Windows 8

    Disable hybrid boot. That will fix the issue. Long answer: Under hybrid shutdown, the hardware "thinks" it's hibernated, not shut down. When hibernated, must laptops auto resume when the lid is opened. Disabling hybrid boot will fix the issue...