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    System Image error message

    Skatterage It is not a matter of whether there is an existing system image or not. The error reveals that a Partition name, ( can be any partition on the computer), has become corrupted and the Windows Volume Shadow ASR writer has a bug which cannot correctly interpret the output so stops the...
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    System Image error message

    I am using Windows 8.1 64bit system. The last time I used System Image was 25th January 2018 with no problems. I use EaseUS on a daily basis for data backups. Since January I have installed Firefox Quantum browser as I am fed up with the AdChoices adverts on IE11 with Google slowing down the...
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    Windows 8 file history ignoring some files

    :confused: I know this is an old problem but I cannot find a solution in this forum back items or from Microsoft online support. I have always used 'file history' to backup my libraries and there have always been files missed from the backup. I have now proved, on my PC, that it only backs up...
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    Windows Update stuck at "Checking for Updates"

    Success thanks to erpster4 Install the following Win8.1 update - KB3172614 Microsoft Update Catalog this update rollup contains Windows Update Client v7.9.9600.18340 from KB3163023 that should resolve the long "checking for updates" problem Thanks to erpster4 for their Microsoft Update...