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    Reinstalling windows 8.1 on laptop and needing some help with passwords

    Okay first of all I have a hp laptop stream running windows 8.1 the hard drive size is only 21.3 GB and I want to remove everything from the laptop so I can reinstall windows 8.1 with a fresh install. I have passwords on my google chrome as well as my firefox is there a way to save all of the...
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    Needing help with Microphone settings Windows 8.1

    Agptek 3m usb male to xlr female microphone mic link cable studio audio adapter connector which works ok.This seams to work fine so far. I have not changed the default mic yet or tried the suggested voice changer.
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    Needing help with Microphone settings Windows 8.1

    First of all here goes I have a internal built in microphone for my laptop hp stream windows 8.1 plus I have a microphone built into my gaming headset and a microphone built into my webcam plus I have a more advance one that mounts to the desk. I have like 50 microphones it seams but I can't...