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    Missing files?

    I am truly sorry if you are unable to retrieve your files. I must ask, though, how can you store 10+ years of your life and irreplaceable files in only one place? Hardware fails, that is undeniable and mistakes can be made. If you get your files back, set up a backup scheme that will make any...
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    does win 8.1 have native nvme driver

    The Samsung driver from here supports Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. SSD Tools & Software | Download | Samsung V-NAND SSD
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    Reciprocal Symbol?

    Where are you trying to type this? Are you looking for superscript? In Word you can hold the Ctrl + Shift and the + sign to get superscript. Then type -1. To return to normal, repeat the short cut. Also works in Word Pad.
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    Over Provisioning - basic Question?

    Personally, I tend to go with what Samsung recommends. Whether or not just unused space has the same effect as unallocated space I can't say. Some say there is no need to have over-provisioning at all but I believe Samsung would not create a utility to set it, if not useful. Just my opinion.
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    Solved Change default upload folder

    Welcome. When you say "upload", are you talking about getting a file from the internet and storing it on your computer? If so, this is called "downloading" and if you go to settings and then advanced (at the very bottom of the settings page) you can set the default location to download files.
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    "Copy But Keep" Option is Missing To Transfer Files

    The following is what I get in Windows 8.1 when I copy an file to another folder where a duplicate exists. I'm not sure why you do not.
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    My "C" drive and Dvd/Cd player sharing the same drive

    What you are seeing in the screen shot is normal. When you select Properties/Hardware Tab for any drive, all connected drives are shown. The data shown at the bottom under Device Properties will be that of the drive selected within the properties window. The C: and DVD/CD are not sharing the...
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    Windows 8.1 PCI Yellow Exclamation Marks

    Yes go here and get and install the drivers. Windows update doe not always have all the drivers Product support
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    Windows 8.1 PCI Yellow Exclamation Marks

    Have you gone to your laptop manufacturer's support site and downloaded and installed the appropriate drivers for your model, in particular the chip set drivers?
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    Solved Mouse goes off right hand side of screen

    You're welcome. I have had some experience with this issue. Lol Paul
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    Should I use a registry cleaner? If so, which is best?

    The registry does not need cleaning. I would not use any cleaners.
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    Solved Mouse goes off right hand side of screen

    Is your system set to more than one display/monitor? Right click on the desk top and select display settings.
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    Different slideshow folder per monitor

    Hi and welcome. I don't know of any myself but you might post on the Windows 10 forum to get more assistance. This is Windows 8. Windows 10
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    errors found in sfcfix, need those files

    See if this tutorial will help. DISM - Fixing Component Store Corruption in Windows 8
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    Do you use a mailclient?

    Almost as good as what? I personally use Outlook (part of Office)