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    Get Win 8.1 Update1 desktop PC to show ALL nearby hotspots

    Windows used to show all nearby WiFi hotspots in the same way that my phone does. You could also "rescan" to do a better job of seeing weak ones. I don't know how to do this on my Win 8.1 Update1 desktop PC. It just seems to show my own 2 connections and not all the 10 or so I see on my phone...
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    Solved Make Task Scheduler run program in foreground

    Thanks Jamie! Yes, I have entered the name of the logged-in account but I have since read that to cause the program to be interactive one must select "Run only when the user is logged on" So that solves my problem. Now I need to find out how to get Task Scheduler to log me in from sleep! That...
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    Solved Make Task Scheduler run program in foreground

    Hi! Shirley this must be simple! If I type "notepad.exe" into a command window and hit return, notepad appears. If I schedule "notepad.exe" to run in Windows Task Scheduler, when triggered, it runs in the background. Why? How can I make it appear? Using task Scheduler. Simply. Win 8.1 Update1...
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    Solved .NET Framework 1.1 & Windows 8.1 Conflict

    Brilliant, Sunnova The tool allowed me to install Encarta 2006 on win 8.1. Thanks!