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    Screensaver Running Amuck

    On my wife's laptop running 8.1 sometimes when the bubbles screensaver comes on them bubbles is movin' 80 miles-an-hour. Any idea what would cause this ?? It's only part of the time. Jim
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    Do I need any of these cyberlink programs?

    It's probably a lite version of the programs and not a trial. I don't think there's any problem uninstalling it. I like the Cyberlink stuff and have paid versions. Jim
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    Do I need any of these cyberlink programs?

    Can you do a restore to a point before you started messing with all this stuff and start over? The Cyberlink programs won't hurt anything if you leave them on there and some of them can be quite useful. Jim
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    Dell Inspiron 660, No BIOS OPTIONS

    With the computer turned off hold down f2 and start the computer. Keep holding f2. If this does not work use the above posted method to get into the bios through Windows then find and disable fast boot. Fast boot bypasses the usual bios option screens. Jim
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    Looking to Purchase Graphics Card

    Find out how many watts your power supply puts out. Even the card you link to requires at least a 450 watt power supply and I doubt if your Dell has more then 300 or 350. Upgrading to a good graphics card usually means upgrading your power supply first. Jim
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    Should I use an image of Win 8 OEM on new SSD or retail?

    I would take the time to gather drivers and do a clean install rather than fight all the bloatware that usually comes with OEM preinstalled. Asus SHOULD have a place where you can download most or all of the needed drivers for your machine. I've collected drivers for my systems and keep them on...
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    Running Win 8.1 Pro Want to partition drive to run Win 7

    I have done what you want to do but on a machine with a classic bios. I had no problems. With uefi I think you'd have to make sure secure boot and fast boot are turned off. Here's what my drives look like. This is a 2 terabyte drive split 4 ways. Do an image backup on your win 8 on a different...
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    Solved agent log file

    I've had it also and same deal - nothing in it. Jim
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    Boot Partition Showing in Drives

    Thanks everybody. How it got assigned a letter I don't know. Jim NOTE - It did the trick and the computer boots.
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    Boot Partition Showing in Drives

    Just installed 8.1 on one of my machines. The 100 mb "system reserved" boot partition is showing up as drive E in the drives. It does not show on my other Win 8 machine. Why would this be? It's not hurting anything but it's kind of annoying and in the way. Is there some way to hide it? Thanks...
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    Windows 8 Upgrade Question-Is the Key Limited?

    Thanks! Sorry - I didn't see this particular forum so I posted in the wrong place. Lots of good info and smart people here. Jim
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    Windows 8 Upgrade Question-Is the Key Limited?

    I have one computer running Win 7. I purchsed the $40 upgrade to Win 8 when they had that promotion. My question - is the key tied to the computer I downloaded on or can it be used on another machine? Thanks for your response. Jim
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    Will This Setup Work?

    Thanks all. Jim
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    Will This Setup Work?

    Those mobile racks are cool - thanks for the info. I did not know such a thing existed. I see how that type of setup could work very well. Jim
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    Will This Setup Work?

    On one of my computers I have a 120 gig SSD with Win 7 and programs installed. There's also a 500 gig mechanical drive for data. I'm thinking of sticking another mechanical drive in there just for Win 8.1 and dual boot. Will this work ok? What will happen to the boot files? Will they stay with...