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    Solved Windows Update History has disappeared

    mine says "updates were installed: Never" it seems that ALL updates that WERE on my computer are now GONE!!! I have this problem since the error, "we couldn't complete the updates. undoing changes". so 12 updates failing REMOVES 150 updates that it is asking me to redownload!!!
  2. Ornithophilia

    EVERYBODY ELSE gets answered, I DO NOT

    I see how this forums is, PICK ON THE GUY WHO IS NEW TO WINDOWS 8!!! on EVERY WINDOWS 8 related forums on the internet, I get picked on, THE ONE WHO NOBODY REPLIES TO. I had a few posts now NONE OF WHICH has replies, SAME FOR EVERY Windows 8 related board. yeah yeah, let's all ignore the guy...
  3. Ornithophilia

    NONSTOP problems with Windows 8 tablet NONE OF WHICH Googl

    I have having problems UP THE YING YANG with a Asus tablet NONE of which Google brings up ANY results in!! A master reset was done before it was given to me but ONLY AFTER I logged into it with MY Microsoft account these problems started!! They were NOT present prior. for starters the picture...
  4. Ornithophilia

    "we couldn't complete the updates. undoing changes" EVERY

    EVERY TIME My Windows 8.1 tablet has updates usually 32 or so, it ALWAYS says "we couldn't complete the updates. undoing changes" EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! This tab was given to me by my dad's friend who did a master reset and I configured it with my Microsoft account but I WAS NEVER ABLE TO install...
  5. Ornithophilia

    weird unresponsive touch screen problem

    I have had an issue ever since Mike gave me his Windows 8.1 Asus tablet that once had a keyboard but he lost it and I can only use the tablet with touch screen options. He did a master reset and I logged in with my Microsoft credentials. After I did so, Windows 8 was no longer activated. I just...