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    Solved thanks for 8.0

    living in the past - yep - and ok. bored with 10.xxxxx / find build 9200 to be a unique clean OS don't do much - so don't need much
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    Windows 8.1 store wont download apps now?

    I use Windows 8. Suggest that the "Store" works fine in Windows 10. The "Store" apps in Windows 8 are no longer supported. I used to use Windows 8 apps but not any more. Can do everything needed with browsers.
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    For the one or two that might read this post, you might find this funny. :) I struck out with imac. (do not have an iPhone) Reformatted the fusion drive to the APFS system. Guess what !! The Apple drive got broken. Was going for a RESET of the OS and that failed. Reformatted back to MAC...
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    Probably no way even to get there. Linux is open source. Apple is proprietary.
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    I was surprised how Linux worked so well on my Alienware. Used to be that, it was very difficult to get audio video working. Now even though the Alienware has a creative sound blaster recon3d card, Linux automatically downloaded what was necessary to play audio. This particular lappy also has...
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    Yep. I don't do much anyway. Not going to do anything like bootcamp, because I have no use for Windows. Very simple stuff like internet browsing - email - graphics - video / multimedia editing / conversions System customizations - office work - streaming video - mapping / geography /...
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    Almost a year since ... Had a nice run with Windows. Like most here - been dabbling with Microsoft since DOS. Windows 7 is / was great - I used to love Windows 95 / 98 Used NT4 for years. Never had issues with 8 that others had. Big fan of the start screen. Windows 10 is what it is. Insider...
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    Back to Windows 8

    It is a tablet. You'll have to know / learn how to boot the bios or get an understanding of how to recover or return to a previous installation. You should consider getting help from Lenovo. There is online help available if you search for it. Go Back to the...
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    new format for 8 forums

    Hello. Trying a new and fresh format, here at 8 forums ? Interesting, nice ! posted here - edited example - clean looking - thanks
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    Small issue with the personalization window (Windows 8.1)

    Hello Lunos. Your post was well done. ... never used "SimplexDesignsART's" themes They seem to be very popular. ... have tried to uninstall and reinstall theme ? ... only offer suggestions that are GUI / software related ... Any way to start over ? (clean install OS) Many would reject this...
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    Lost link to tile on start screen

    Not necessarily. Check into account type to see your status if you can. User Account Type - Change in Windows 8 Your Netflix tile refers to a Store App? Netflix does have issues in Windows 8 occasionally. Do you have access to the Store? Can you uninstall or reinstall the Netflix App? The...
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    Blu Ray Player software

    Hello. Unfortunately, Blu ray software is not inexpensive. For the PC, a Blu ray player for a PC, a Blu ray device specifically for a PC, would include software. Cyberlink does a good job. suggest online search - test / trial whatever you can online search - blu ray software
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    Surface 3 Will Not Boot Recovery Image, Tried Everything

    suggest online searching - suggest Microsoft Support - they would be glad to help with a Surface 3 good luck.
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    Blu Ray Player software

    ... tried a few FREE versions - all failed. - not sure why Lot's of blue ray software available - you'll have to pay for it. You have a blue ray DVD player ? Blue ray DVD players usually include software. ... have no suggestions for FREE software.
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    Solved farewell store (8.1)

    Since no one responded - does anyone use the Store in 8.1 ? :doh: Another mistake by me or else something changed. :what: It's working now :shock: Sorry about that.