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    Are you a piler, filer, or purger?

    Oh I don't delete anything, it's all stored online so what's the point, I'm not paying for the disk space :) Granted, I move anything I don't need at a later date to "Old Mail" but it doesn't actually get deleted. It's actually saved me on a few occasions! Oh btw, if you're a gmail piler and...
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    Windows Infinity?

    The number naming convention works fine, Apple did it for years, who knows why they stopped, most software does it, Windows started doing it and they've got one of the most recognizable versions to date. Why do you think XP was so much more well known than Vista? Well other than the fact that...
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    [MSKitchen] Windows 8 to Contain New Anti-Piracy Technology?

    $700 for an operating system? Where are you from? :) - Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Full - $284.99 Anyway, no matter what they do, someone will find a way to crack the OS. The tried to up the ante in 7 and now there's RemoveWAT, Bios Hacks, Activation Spoofs and more. If they create...
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    If only Windows 8 could look like this...

    I really hope that Eight comes with a style that is minimalistic but not drab, kind of like the look in OS X.
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Thanks to JMH for the invite and Zero for the bump (I think) :)
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    Show Us Your Rig!

    Already posted this over @ SF but I figured I'd post again here... Just so you can tell #1: 22" Acer mounted on an Ergotron Neo-Flex, OEM Keyboard & Mouse, X-540 Speakers #2: Macbook Pro Unibody 17", 3 x External HD #3: Logitch G-15, Logitech G-9, SB X-FI 5.1 USB
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    Is there a problem with SF???

    Ohhh I remember the woes of updating PHPBB with a forum that had thousands of users. I think I was the recipient of a few curses hexes and vexes that week. :)
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    An update for the "Windows Classic" users.

    Not sure if the Windows team has even considered this, but a few of Win7 users still use the classic look. It might be because it's easier to manage or they don't like Aero, or they want a graphics boost on a lower spec system. Either way it'd be nice if they added another "classic" option. In...
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    Windows 8 Security

    I think a bit more control in UAC would be nice. I'm sure they've all been mentioned, but adding an ability to specify what a program is allowed to do that way I don't have to click ok every time I open CCleaner or Revo. I'd also like to be able to tell the computer that certain programs should...