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  1. nomadgamer13

    Forum for Windows 10

    Just registered. :D
  2. nomadgamer13

    Skype group video calling now available for Windows 8.1

    Awesome. Thanks Brink for the heads up. :thumb:
  3. nomadgamer13

    Windows 8.1 Update Requirement Extended

    Thank you. :D
  4. nomadgamer13

    9 new Windows themes take you around the world

    Thanks, NYCityscape theme for me.
  5. nomadgamer13

    One Drive .. 100 GB free

    Only 8GB for me... :confused:
  6. nomadgamer13

    Post your Start Screen!

    Welcome to Eight Forums figgycity50. I got my office icon set from RKay-x. His icons are only 128x128 so I made a 256x256 icons and used Oblytile to put them in metro. :thumb:
  7. nomadgamer13

    Post your Start Screen!

  8. nomadgamer13

    How to remove spaces between tiles

    I was wondering if you can remove spaces between two tiles. :D
  9. nomadgamer13

    Create a blank tile on Start Screen

    You can create your own "spacer" then use oblytile.
  10. nomadgamer13

    Word Association [9]

  11. nomadgamer13

    Solved google chrome

    @TS Never had a crash incident due to a browser. I'm currently using chromium. I've also used some other browsers like opera and mozilla (palemoon and firefox) still no crashes encountered. And Jack is right. It's your own personal preference and how you use your broswers.
  12. nomadgamer13

    Last Letter Game [10]

  13. nomadgamer13

    Last Letter Game [10]

  14. nomadgamer13

    Steam OS is now available for Download

    I'll wait for your reviews. I'm currently using my wife's computer since mine is in "bleed mode for air bubbles". ;)