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    osholt, this is bad :(
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    Windows 8 blueprints

    Lets wait for a leak :)
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    Windows 8 blueprints

    P.S. No Tutorial till now :smoke: from me as nothing in hand still now.
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    Windows 8 blueprints

    Disclaimer: These "screen shots" are mainly collected from Windows 8 Plans Leaked: Numerous Details Revealed | Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, Office 15 | Stephen Chapman @ MSFTKitchen and Win7Vista - Where technology meets passion... - Index (Redirected from Windows 8 Beta). These shows some...
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Thanks (replying after 2 mo. LOL) for the detailed help.
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    Windows 8 Release Date Possibly Leaked

    Its true that I cant wait for another New Windows beta testing, but more true is I am thinking about the price. This year: Adobe PS CS5 Expression Studio 4 MS Office 2010 (In the list)
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    Welcome to The Exploring IE Blog – The Microsoft Blog for Internet Explorer Customers

    I use IE8 and Opera 10.53 both. Opera is light and I like the transparent skins. IE or MS sites and serious things like banking, shopping etc.
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Edit: nokian73me in both forums. :thumb: kudos to mods. Welcome A Guy ! Thanks Jonathon King! One silly question: I can not find from where I can edit / add my signature. (Am I blind? LOL)
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    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Ohhh after how many tries I could register here. Eight here = Nokian73 in SevenForums LOL