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    Please Read: Activation troubleshooting

    The installed Product Key appears to be the Default Key - which can never be activated. You need to change the Key to the one on your COA sticker or Proof of License card, and then attempt activation. Scratch that - was replying to the wrong post! - I'll leave this to Superfly, as he has a...
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    product key Windows 8.1 issue

    Without the detail the report is useless.
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    Please Read: Activation troubleshooting

    Upgrading from Windows 8 to 8.1 does NOT hose the recovery partition! The only thing you can do now is contact the manufacturer and request a set of Recovery disks for that machine.
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    Failed Windows Updates

    There's a very long thread in Answers/Community on this error - Error: 0x800F0922 when installing KB 2919355 - Microsoft Community you may be able to pick something up from it.
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    Failed Windows Updates is known to give rise to this scenario - if that's installed, get rid.
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    Please Read: Activation troubleshooting

    The installed Key is a KMS Volume License Key - and almost certainly means that the install is counterfeit, unless you are a member of the issuing organisation. Please post the FULL report.
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    Error: 0x8007232B, Error description: dns name dont exist

    copy the result from the notepad file, and paste in into your post here in the forum - in your own thread.
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    Please Read: Activation troubleshooting

    Makes more sense now I can see the script ;)
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    Please Read: Activation troubleshooting

    A couple of problems... 1) No link? 2) Most problems aren't show by the SLUI command. Here's my boilerplate...
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    No Sound- The device is being used by another application

    Hiding a problem is NEVER an answer - it just makes it more likely to get worse over time. If you want to raise a Support case with MS (which this problem needs) email (change the -at- to @) to open a case up as *it will not get fixed* without a support case opened up...
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    The installed Product Key is a KMS Volume License one. This license type requires that the computer connect at least every 180 days to a private activation server for re-activation. Where did you acquire this License/Key? You need to contact your System Administrator for assistance - or change...
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    Do Windows 8 Licenses work the same way in a Surface Pro?

    The Surface Pro is a Standard Windows 8 Pro installation, as I understand it - complete with the BIOS Key and everything.
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    Activation and validation problems - discuss

    Not as far as I personally am concerned - I have quite enough to deal with at present, with Win7 :) Adding WU problems for SF has meant that I have little time to delve into Win 8 - and little inclination to try. I'll have to get to is soon, though, as the Win7 traffic dies down - which is...
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    How to set KMS Server to default

    MAK Keys don't use a private server, either - they use the MS servers same as Retail. try using the command SLUI 3 and re-enter your Key - with luck it will reset everything in the process.
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    Solved Not Letting Me Activate Windows

    They are both set to default values by MS when installing the Server - the first I think is 9 days (variable up or down, I think), the second is 180 days - the max allowed.