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    Show us your WEI

    Here's Mine...!:D
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    Custom Made Signatures and Avatars

    thanks Arc..!!
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    Can't activate office 2013

    hey thanx was very helpful.!!!! :thumbsup:
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    Post your Start Screen!

    here's mine..!!
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    Solved I can't activate my Win8 x64 Pro

    thanx everyone i have my copy from msdn..and it activate's automatically.!!!
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    Solved I can't activate my Win8 x64 Pro

    sorry but i really don't know if it is a real one or not.. one of my friend gave me in his pen drive and told that it's Win8 Pro RTM...but i didn't ask him that it's original one or any leaked version.. if it's not real one than i'll definitely not use this because i also hate piracy...thanx for...
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    Solved I can't activate my Win8 x64 Pro

    i can't activate my Win8 x64 Pro..!! please anyone tell how to activate.???
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    Windows Explorer Title Bar - Display Full Path in Windows 8

    gud one Shawn..!! thanx :thumbsup:
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    Show us your WEI

    new score's after installing AMD Radeon HD 7850..!!! :D
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    Plzz help..!!!

    thanx mike, kevin and hopachi for the help.. i'm trying every possible thing but it's not working at all...!!!!!
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    Plzz help..!!!

    and one more thing everytime i wanna start show's this error..!!
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    Plzz help..!!!

    Yesterday i got ATI Radeon HD 7850 2gb, using the Windows8 drivers released by AMD most things look great but (or whatever the hell they call that thing!) is all messed up, icons are low resolution until I "mouse over" and I can't read the text, this pic shows what it's like: :cry:
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    AMD Windows 8 WDDM 1.2 driver for (almost) everyone with AMD

    i'm having same problem with my AMD RADEON HD 7850 (2GB)...if anyone find's the solution plzz let me know..thanx in advance
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    Microsoft Office 2013 Customer Preview Released

    thanx a lot buddy for the link..!!!!