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    Solved must wake from sleep twice after win 8 upgrade from win 7

    I had a similar problem with my Acer laptop. Turned out to be the bios was at fault. Acer released new bios versions after win 8 came out to solve this just download and update your firmware.
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    Any REXX users here -- this still works on W8

    For these types of things, I think most people would be more interested in AutoIt or AutoHotKey, or even, M$ task scheduler. AutoIt - AutoItScript AutoHotkey Agreed. Computer death is more of a half life thing. Even still it appear like Rexx is pretty much obsolete, the lastest version was 2007.
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    Wrong graphics card

    What does your device manager look like?
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    .asf to .avi converter

    Hi Tully, you can also try Microsoft Movie Maker or Microsoft Expression Encoder 4. Both are free and should be able to do what you want. Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials Download Expression Encoder 4 with SP2 from Official Microsoft Download Center
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    Solved Signature

    Post to test sig
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    How hard is Windows 8?

    Pretty good. :D Makes me wish Newt Gingrich had become president. We could have gotten rid of the child labor laws and we could all be greeted by tiny humans in M$ stores throughout the USA.
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    Anyone Have Current Info on Sig Pics that I Don't Have?

    I just made one let's see if it works. Will I get Brink's approval?
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    Solved need help with install

    This is funny since M$ doesn't post their iso's except to technet and MSDN which are subscription required services. It is weird that all the replies to posts like this are about Recovery partitions and backup disks. It used to be you could get an unadulterated version of M$'s OS with your...
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    File Duplicates on Separate Hard Disks

    Also you have Active flags on C D & E if you only have one OS installed only one of those should be marked as active. Changing Active Partition Can Make Your System Unbootable Partition - Mark as Active - Windows 7 Forums Partition - Mark as Inactive - Windows 7 Forums
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    File Duplicates on Separate Hard Disks

    The reason for this is your E drive is marked as System. Cannot Remove False System Partition Using Disk Management Vista Disk Management - "System" Disk is not C...should be C...How do I change it to be C? - Super User No, you don't have any Raid volumes. It is showing your disks as Type...
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    Solved need help with install

    I'm glad it worked for you although my post was deleted. So I have no idea what you are talking about. Yep, complete deniability I do have one quibble. How is this illegal? It seems perfectly legal since he had a key. I neither supplied nor encouraged him to pirate windows 8. It is...
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    Norton Utilities

    I guess my answer is ask Norton. I hear they have great customer service. :)
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    Replace HDD on Win8 laptop - licensing issues?

    Where did you hear this? As far as I know it is license locked to the motherboard and BIOS. Never heard of someone having a problem with hard drive swapping. It is pretty common to swap out a hard drive and if every time someone did that they had to purchase a new license I think the backlash...
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    SWindows 8 Desktop help

    +1 for this as it seem's to actually answer the OP's question the rest is just people arguing about how they do it or how 7 > 8.
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    File Duplicates on Separate Hard Disks

    This: and this: together make it sound more like some kind of RAID mirror setup than simple linking. Or possibly the new storage spaces feature. What do your Disk Management and Storage Spaces look like.