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  1. Mr GRiM

    Poll: Windows 8 users, are you using a 3rd party start menu?

    I am only using Windows 8 on a VM at the moment for research and development purposes and to see what can be customized, I currently make Windows 7 visual styles and one of my favorite parts of making a visual style is the start menu as it has the least amount of limitations and allows more...
  2. Mr GRiM

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Hi Mitch, you took your time.
  3. Mr GRiM

    New name

    I think Windows Niribu for a 2012 release. ;)
  4. Mr GRiM

    What pet do you have?

    I have a cat called Nigel.
  5. Mr GRiM

    Computer Specs?

    No it's not added yet.
  6. Mr GRiM

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    And they keep on coming, hello everyone. :)
  7. Mr GRiM

    Window 8 video

    John hasn't set up all my extra settings so I can moderate post's, I can't even make a post report yet :(
  8. Mr GRiM

    Window 8 video

    Thanks for the laugh....NOT :p
  9. Mr GRiM

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Welcome to the new forums guys, some of us still like to keep some familiarity as well.
  10. Mr GRiM

    Window 8 video

    This is not Windows 8 and IMO it will not resemble it either.
  11. Mr GRiM

    Window 8 video

    I need my Mod tools, all I have so far is a title. :(
  12. Mr GRiM

    Feedback and fixes

    I did the same thing. :p
  13. Mr GRiM

    Welcome to Eight Forums

    Hello Everyone, I only just noticed there was a new site so here I am, love the skin choice John.;)