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    Solved Cannot drag files

    I had this problem, I found this forum on google, I found out the problem was WINRAR, whenever it was on I couldnt drag items.
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    RAM Leak Win8.1_64x (Memory Leak) + Picture.

    Here is a second picture, after a computer restart, without firefox it gets to 15% although there is no application who is running on 15% (of 8G, is about 1,000MB of process, which in the picture you can see that it cant be). - maybe it's ok maybe not, in both cases there is a leak as you can...
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    RAM Leak Win8.1_64x (Memory Leak) + Picture.

    Just got on the computer now, and suddenly everything seems to be slow, I checked the memory and found out that some program is using 94% of the memory, when I was looking for the program I found out that no program is using that amount of memory, 200 at most. I downloaded RAMmap to map out the...