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    Everything's not working

    it sounds like a computer problem, as opposed to a Win 8 problem. If it were me, i would be taking advantage of my warranty. But i'm not a techie, so maybe someone else here has a different take. Meanwhile, a call to wherever you purchased it (if within 30 days, or store-warranty period) or the...
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    Everything's not working

    'reboot' just means to turn it off and back on - not to refresh or restore it... could you clarify whether you bought a new machine with win 8 pre-installed, or upgraded from win 7? It makes a difference in whether you can roll back to Win 7...
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    slow transfer from sd cards to hard-drive

    i have two cards, a class 6 and a class 10. The problem is not reproducible on my laptop, which transfers around 8mg/sec. i've had intermittent problems since upgrading. At first i was getting what i consider a normal transfer rate of 8-10 mg/sec with each card. But several weeks ago I began...