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    Oct 17 -- who's got it (W8.1) - Public release only

    What a weird download. Our took mine over an hour to get to 8%. Now in the last 2 minutes it's fine up to 20%.
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    Windows 8.1 preview to 8.1 retail.

    Update. I finally got it. Now I just have to wait for this sloooow download!
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    Solved Windows Store not finding 8.1 Install

    Thanks. When I went back to Windows 8 from the preview I got nothing. Now I'm currently installing 39 updates so I'm hoping the 8.1 will show up after this.
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    Solved Windows Store not finding 8.1 Install

    Did you do anything to prompt it? I still have nothing.
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    Windows 8.1 preview to 8.1 retail.

    Ugh same here. No update for me either. I went from the preview to stock Windows 8 and nothing. I have no clue what to do.
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    Windows 8.1 - Update to from Windows 8

    Hi, I tried the 8.1 Preview upgrading from the iso file. Do you forsee any problems with me getting the update today? I'm a little concerned because before I left for work today, it wasn't showing in the store. It was only 35 minutes after the launch time, so maybe it just didn't arrive to me...
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    automatically upgraded to Windows 8.1 for free

    Hi all, 1st post. I am at work now so I can't check but about 30 minutes after the update should have been available, I didn't see it in the Windows Store. Do you think this could be an issue because I updated to the 8.1 Preview iso? If so, do you know any workarounds? Thanks!