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    Post your Desktop!

    Here is mine with and without icons. I am using HP Quick Start to replace the start button (Only works on HP machines supposedly).
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    Post your Start Screen!

    Here is mine. I have not changed it much yet.
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    Windows 8's learning curve to be addressed

    One burning question is "Why should we have to set up Windows 8 for anyone?" Why is the high and mighty Microsoft Corporation not smart enough to set it up like this out of the box? Personally, after about a month and a lot of customizing I like most (but not all) of the changes in 8.
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    Solved SysMetrix problem

    Hi there, I finally figured this one out. Somehow the wrong network was being monitored in the SysMetrix configuration settings. I have absolutely no clue how this happened. I did not change it and no one else has ever even touched this computer since I bought it. Glitch? Gremlin? Poltergeist? I...
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    Solved Odd behavior using Mozilla Firefox 20

    No , I have not tried it yet.
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    Windows 8 100% on start up

    No. I would say that is not normal. Is WMP perhaps indexing files from an external drive? Mine did for about 12 hours and had very high CPU usage in the process. Does it still do this with all externals disconnected?
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    Solved Win 8 undelete problem

    Could you do a system restore to a date before they were deleted?
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    Solved Odd behavior using Mozilla Firefox 20

    Hey There Bassfisher6522 and Kodi, I tried the "when I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately" suggestion but still had the same behavior. Then, on a wild whim, I shutdown my computer and when I restarted it the problem was gone!!! Thanks for your help. I do appreciate it. Mister Mike
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    Dual boot / Virtual HDD

    Hi There, I recently had the motherboard go bad in my old XP pro service pack 2 HP Media Center m390n PC. I replaced it with a new HP P2-1234 Windows 8 64 bit computer. I bought a SATA USB enclosure and put my old C drive in it to get my files and stuff and old drive works fine. So now to my...
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    Solved windows media player

    I had to check the "show hidden files" on my Windows 8 after copying my music files to WMP 12. The album art .jpg files were hidden for some unknown reason.
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    Solved Odd behavior using Mozilla Firefox 20

    Hey there Bassfisher 6522, I appreciate your response. At your suggestion I uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox 20.1 but it had no effect. I'll just have to wait for another update I suppose.
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    Solved Odd behavior using Mozilla Firefox 20

    Hi there, I am using Firefox 20 and lately when I open a new window it will switch back to the previous window in about a second or so. The new window appears in the task bar and when clicked will stay selected. Seems odd to me. Any ideas?
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    Solved Anyone figured out the disappearing restore points problem

    If you do want more system restore points this will do it Hi Guys, I have posted this elsewhere on this forum but it does fit well here. After many hours of trial and error I finally found a way to automatically create system restore points in Windows 8 using the task scheduler. All of this...
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    Windows Live Mail sent mail confirmation ?

    Thanks topgundcp, Not really what I was looking for but appreciate the response. I was trying to get a confirmation for when the mail is sent more than when it is read. I could just check the sent mail folder just to see if it saved a copy in there but I thought there may have been a better way.
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    Solved Show desktop icon when working on old desktop

    I've heard all of those as well. You were asking about hiding the icons on the desktop, correct?