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    PC won't go to sleep on the timer

    Is it on a network? Sometimes sleep settings are thrown off or the PC wakes by itself if the network card/interface is set to "wake on lan." Check in Device Manager for the network interface and open them up and look at Properties. See if it has a setting to the effect "allow this device to...
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    Windows 8.1 Pro Explorer loses Custom Folder Views

    Have you tried this procedure from Tutorials? Folder View Settings - Back Up and Restore in Windows
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    windows 8 SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support

    It may be a PowerShell thing:,-smbv2,-and-smbv3-in-windows-vista,-windows-server-2008,-windows-7,-windows-server-2008-r2,-windows-8,-and-windows-server-2012
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    Windows 8 always opening things in a new window

    Internet Explorer is known for this bug. No matter the setting it opens new pages in a new window. For the File Explorer see this settings tutorial: Folder - Open in Same or New Window in Windows 8 If it really opens every tabbed interface, such as a text editor etc., in new windows I have...
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    Revo Uninstaller Free bugfix release (2.0.3)

    Revo Uninstaller Free has released a bug fix update. Version 2.0.3 is the first update in nearly four months. It may be worth a download. Here is the link to the release history I was looking around for the Pro version on giveaway someplace. I didn't find one but I did notice the free...
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    Solved the best tool for defragmentation

    You may also wish to try a defrag program that has been around a long time as a Pro version. Vopt. It takes the approach of reducing the number of "gaps" between files. I have used it years ago and recently started using it again because the author of the program left instructions that when...
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    MSCONFIG stuck in "Selective Startup"

    Thanks for posting the screen shots. According to the page I linked, if any of the Advanced Options are selected, as some of yours are, the system will automatically revert to Selective Startup.
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    MSCONFIG stuck in "Selective Startup"

    I don't have Windows 8.1 to look at. But in my Windows 8.0 in the Boot Tab there is an Advanced Button.
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    MSCONFIG stuck in "Selective Startup"

    I've never run into that problem myself. But a search brought me to this page and it sounds like what you are experiencing:
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    Need to read saved Linux files in windows

    I am starting to think you formatted the USB flash drives from Linux as ext2 or ext3. If so you may want to check out this page: Access Ext2 and Ext3 from Windows using Ext2Fsd | USB Pen Drive Linux
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    Need to read saved Linux files in windows

    Not knowing what the files are, generally the easiest way may be to put Puppy Linux or Mint as a bootable USB. Puppy is a smaller download and it is very easy to get the WiFi working if you have a Laptop. But Mint will come with more applications already installed. Puppy Linux Community Home...
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    Cannot delete anything in Task Scheduler

    No. I also get some jazz about the xml file for several services containing "an unexpected node." Whatever that means. I also tried window repair just doing the repair for important services. It made no difference. It seems these "open box" machines are impervious to repair for...
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    Cannot delete anything in Task Scheduler

    No matter what I try to delete in Task Scheduler I get this error: ERROR: Transaction support within the specified resource manager is not started or was shut down due to an error. I tried the old Vista fix with fsutil .. nothing I tried deleting the folder contents of all schedule tasks from...
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    Taskbar notifications taking focus away windows

    This page may have a work-around. It points to a utility that denies focus change unless the mouse was moved. I do not know if the utility is in English or German. But it may be simple enough that it does not matter. Prevent programs from losing focus automatically in Windows - gHacks Tech News
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    "Copy But Keep" Option is Missing To Transfer Files

    Yeah, I remember once in awhile I would get this thing in Windows if my hand twitched on the mouse while I had files selected in Explorer I would get copies with the numbers in parenthesis. There is someplace in the Registry to turn that on and off. But I don't remember where. It used to...