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    Solved Windows 8 (re)installation wqith multiple monitors

    Now he tells me :) Part of the long story I left out included trying (what I thought) was one monitor. I unplugged one, tried, then tried the other. I gave up and as my head hit the pillow hours later the fact that the plugged in HDMI cable might be the problem hit me.
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    Solved Windows 8 (re)installation wqith multiple monitors

    I have an ASUS mother board and don't use an graphics card. I had two monitors and an HDMI cable plugged in. The short story is that the Intel drivers seem to get lost. Windows installed normally until it went into to the final setup. The program will switch to another screen at this point and...
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    SLEEP intermittent

    I have similar problems with the released version. It seems to take several naps before finally going to sleep. It will shut down for a few minutes or seconds in some cases, then wake up and sit there for a while before shutting down again. After several rounds of this it stays down.
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    I need help

    Moving back one app is a "feature" on my Logitech mouse. You might check the manual or settings for your device and see how the edges are set up.
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    I need help

    There is a possibility that you are hitting a program key on the side of your mouse that moves to the start screen. If not I'd sure like to know where you got your mouse pad and if it is wireless.
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    windows 8 sucks

    I tried to install both a home and pro version XP on my new machine and got a blue screen. I made a direct jump from XP to 8 and would never go back. I started with a late consumer preview of 8 and am already having to think about how to do things when working on an XP machine. Every release...
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    Thrasferring upgrade to SSD

    Once I have Win 8 activated on a hard drive is there any problem transferring an upgrade to a new SSD?
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    Clean Install - Windows 8

    First off, thanks. Secondly, my cat wrote some of those questions... I *may* have been successful on more than one occasion in my trials. I now have a new question to be asked when helping people... "Do you have two monitors and are both of them on? This last install went as many of the others...
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    Clean Install - Windows 8

    To lae for that as the OS is gone. I allso had a new problem this morning when I tried a USB dive obtained when the update was first releases. It say it can't be installedon a an MBR system I'm having no luck finding a non OS based MBR to GPT solution...
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    Clean Install - Windows 8

    Downloaded .ISO from MSFT
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    Clean Install - Windows 8

    I've spent several hours tying this and variouse other combinations with no joy. No poblem with Consumer and release versions. Nothing added to fairly new system. I get to "getting device ready" and one reboot after that, The logo appears briefly, thee is bit of disk activity, then nothing,
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    $500 to upgrade

    A bit OT but many years ago in a Chico, California Denny's the manager received a bunch of menus printed in English but with pesos for the amounts. For about a week he had great fun handing the menus to customers he knew.
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    ISO and USB drive.

    I downloaded and picked USB. Everything seems fine but is there a way to write an .ISO file from the download? Are these files located in C:\ESD\Wondows?
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    Don’t Believe The FUD: Windows 8 Is Much Better Than You Think

    The app itself should provide that choice. On Win 8 if you are more than two or three levels deep, the faster method is to use the keyboard - and keyboard commands will *always* be faster. Two keystrokes will in most cases limit the choices to a small number of apps and you can select from that...
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    Windows 8 is no iphone killer

    I'm guessing that who ever said the event is " remarkably deafening" didn't really mean that. Standing next to a 707 as the engines rev is deafening... But Apple has always sold sizzle and when you read someone raving about how much lighter the new phone is (0.85 oz, about the weight of five...