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    Making an SSD the primary boot device?

    This used to be a helpful forum. How can no one have any experience with this?
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    Making an SSD the primary boot device?

    I have a dell xps desktop. It came with a standard HDD with windows 10. I added an SSD when I bought it and have used that for the OS and applications, I was able to set it to boot to that drive, I formatted the HDD that came with the computer and used it as storage. This has been the case for...
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    Creating a file server properly.

    Other places I worked, in AD you just went to profile and entered the unc \\fileserver\users\%username% and once applied their name appeared and they had access after reboot. None of the AD accounts are like that where I am now. It appears that they are all mapped? Who knows! The way I described...
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    Creating a file server properly.

    Same domain. I jsut do not know the process, once I do it I will be fine!
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    Creating a file server properly.

    If you are running an EsXi host (on domain with static ip) and get in via vsphere, and create a new VM and make the server, a file server by adding the role. How do you make it so that all domain users can see the share drive when they click "computer"?
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    VLAN questions. Experience will help!

    Hey! I am listening and learning at work as a new project is coming down the pike. I just want an easy to understand explanation or "how to". If a business is getting an ip phone system and they say that a subnet will need to be created for this system or vlan. How does that work and how would...
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    Do you need a Coaxial cable for internet?

    I still need to know, does the coaxial cable need to be connected to the modem in order for the pc to have internet. Be it wireless, or hard-wired?
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    Start Menu not working! Just showing error!!!

    do you have a third party start menu installed? Have you rebooted or restarted explorer in task manager? Mine goes dead from time to time (never a blank image) and a restart of explorer does the trick. If not, reboot.
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    Solved HDD messed up, help.

    I agree with mysery126. Also, a quick call to the store or even a google search of your computer model # will provide you with the correct HDD .
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    Ethernet doesn't have a valid IP, wifi still works?

    When you are only connected to ethernet, can you ping or google.com? Can you try and report back? I also think following the above instructions is a good idea as well.
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    Solved Consistant Update problems Win 8.1

    What is the model of your computer and what are the specs? did it come with 8.1 or did you upgrade?
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    Do you need a Coaxial cable for internet?

    The gateway, being the modem, correct? Yes, I was needing to move the whole setup, including the modem, as I do not want cords across the floor.
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    Creating bootable image

    Here is some information on how to create a system image on Windows 8.1. I am not clear on what you are asking so If I am wrong, ,my apologies. https://www.winhelp.us/system-image-backup-in-windows-8-1.html
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    Do you need a Coaxial cable for internet?

    I have no idea why my brain is acting like this lol, but I am thinking of moving my workspace to the other side of the room. However, there is no cable jack on that side and I do not want to have to drag a cable across the floor. My cable is plugged into my modem, and my router is plugged into...
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    How to share local workgroup with VM on a domain?

    I have 8.1 pro. I suppose I could log on to the domain if I need access, but I generally need access to the workgroup while I am already on the domain. My SharePoint is hosted on a VM, on a domain. My main pc is not. I am trying to get things from my non-domain pc onto the domain sharepoint...