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    Solved Old Pavilion Laptop Restored To Windows 8 Pro (Cracked?)

    Hey, Sorry for the late reply. You were right about windows 10 digital license as it upgraded successfully but I had to dump the laptop because it was dead from the inside AND outside haha. Thanks anyway.
  2. midou35000

    windows 8 files are opening with single click

    Hi, As winganken said, it could be because of your faulty mouse, faulty drivers, incorrect settings or so.. You can try his double click speed suggestion and if it didn't work you can try uninstalling the driver and restarting, maybe that'll help.
  3. midou35000

    Solved Old Pavilion Laptop Restored To Windows 8 Pro (Cracked?)

    Hello, So I had this laptop that I bought 5 years ago (Created my forum account on it. Really brings back memories lol!). I don't exactly remember when but it was on windows 8.1 but I upgraded it to windows 10 back then when it was released. This laptop is like my grandparent's old TV that we...
  4. midou35000

    Battery Power

    Hey, Might be because of the battery calibration? I think your battery is on 100% in pretty much all cases but the reading is incorrect and I'm assuming you haven't calibrated your battery before. Try this guide: How to Calibrate Your Laptop’s Battery for Accurate Battery Life Estimates
  5. midou35000

    Help needed in change of language windows 8.1 pro

    Hi, That's weird. Have u tried checking the program's language in settings?
  6. midou35000

    How to stop the registration file?

    Hello, Are you trying to make it open a folder when you click on "Video" in the right click menu?
  7. midou35000

    problems with fonts

    Hi, Can you please provide a screenshot?
  8. midou35000

    Task Bar Unhiding - Action Centre at Fault

    Hey, Action center does nothing but maybe warn you when an update is available or when your firewall and virus protection is off, sometimes it won't even detect a 3rd party antivirus installed in your system and will annoy you with the false warnings so I don't see how useful it would be for...
  9. midou35000

    windows 8 search not working from computer

    Hello, This usually happens when the search service is disabled, follow the instructions on this website: How To Disable Windows Search in Windows 7, 8 and 10 Hope that helps.
  10. midou35000

    My icons hides and all icons without any images only texts

    Hi, This usually happens when your computer is infected with malware. A cache rebuild would help. Open command prompt and type in these commands one by one pressing ENTER each time: cd /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local attrib –h IconCache.db del IconCache.db Now restart your system and your...
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    Solved Asus Zenbook scroll stopped after formatting

    Glad I helped :), enjoy.
  12. midou35000

    PC freezes very frequently - don't see anything suspicious

    Hi, Check this article, it might help: windows 8 - CPU usage 99% constantly - Super User Alex.
  13. midou35000

    Solved Asus Zenbook scroll stopped after formatting

    Hi, Have you tried completely removing the program with a 3rd party uninstaller like Revo. Maybe the formatting messed up with your config files which makes removing it with windows default uninstaller totally useless. Download Revo uninstaller from here: Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware -...
  14. midou35000

    insert picture dialogue box greyed out and not responding

    Hello, Your problem is very common. Check this link and it should help: Excel Insert Button Greyed Out? 5 Solutions (with Images) Hope this helps.
  15. midou35000

    Faking Ping In Windows??

    Any proxy programs u'd recommend? Preferably free.