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    Has Anyone Ever Seen B450 Drivers for 8.1 x64?

    My Asus Tuf B450-Plus only list W7 x64 and W10 x64. Is this M$ knowing W7 is on it's way out which leaves people having to move to W10 because M$ convinced them to not write any 8.1 x64 MB drivers. I saw a March 2019 list, Worldwide - 56% W10, 33% W7, 6% W8.1 ... I guess so. My MB came out in...
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    Question about creating a bootable USB flash drive

    @ alphanumeric, Would you share your prep procedure? I have a Lexar 2GB 2.0 that I'm wanting to boot Slax off of. It works with my Mushkin and my Silicon Power. I've re-partitioned with Windows and GParted. I've used the .bat files in the Linux distros. I've used Bootice, Rufus, Unetbootin and...