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Recent content by Michael

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    Metro at first, then, it's Desktop on the PC?

    Metro is mostly to benefit tablet and phone users with touch screens. I think MS is trying to build an OS that is everything to everyone. I've been using it for several weeks now, and I have found little use for Metro on a laptop. It looks good and I sort of like the slide show through my...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I played that just a bit ago on the guitar.
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    What problem does Windows 8 solve?

    It solves the problem of a heavily infected used computer with no recovery partition or OS disc.
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    What Are You Listening To?

    I loved the '80's... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILw0lGmgsg8
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    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    Thanks! It does work great and I love the familiarity. I just un-installed Visistart
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    Death Of Best Buy's Big Box Store?

    RadioShack predicted both Circuit City folding and Best Buy 15 years ago. Not that I approve of any of them, but RS has a proven business model that has worked a lot longer than either of the other major electronics retailers have been around.
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    Solved Win 8 CP taskbar display oddity

    Someone else reported this while having iTunes open. You didn't say you had iTunes open, I'm just providing info.
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    Solved CP Cripples Chrome?

    No. It runs great for me on both XP Pro and Win8.
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    Solved How to be a VIP member?

    You have to send a Paypal for one BIIIILLLLIIION dollars, US, to the site admins.
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    What happens when the released version...

    Thanks. I'll plan on a clean install then.
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    What happens when the released version...

    ...gets loaded over the preview version? Will it be upgradeable without destroying or overwriting files, folders, settings, and installed programs? I've never tried a preview version of an OS and then bought the released version. Does anyone know?
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    Solved Is anyone on here happy with windows 8?

    I like it, but then I didn;t have Vista or Win7 to compare it to. I am a hard-core XP user and have been for a decade. Until I was practically given this corrupt machine I'm on now, you couldn't have pried XP out of my hands. Metro is definitely different, and I'm not really sure I need that on...
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    Taskbar issue

    Could it be the album covers as you browse through iTunes?
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    For those that need - Language packs

    As you found out, not all are available yet. There will be more language support as development continues.
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    The quote of the day

    There is no free lunch.