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    What Media Player Do You Use?

    KMPlayer and AIMP
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    Certain OEM wallpaper

    That's what i meant. How much time it took? :)
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    Certain OEM wallpaper

    This particular image can be edited with Paint.Net or Photoshop and all icons ant the taskbar can be "deleted". It will take less than 3 minutes.
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    What is a good software for recording the screen

    Yep, but sometimes the quality costs money.
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    Batch move multiple files via cmd?

    A while ago I faced the same problem - move files with specific extension from one folder to another. After some fight with robocopy, sync suftware and etc. A friend of mine creates a little "program" that allows me to do what I need. The "program" can be edited using Notepad. All cretids is...
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    Program to keep windows on top?

    I use WinRoll. It works witn XP,Vista,7,8.
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    Aero (almost) found in Windows 8

    Are you saying that the features that the Start button and the Aero provides, are equal? :)
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    Aero (almost) found in Windows 8

    How did you worked with Windows XP without aero?
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    I have Silverlight ver.5 installed and there are no entries in CCleaner. Update the Silverlight. About .NET 1. - I have only 4 and 4.5 installed, so I can't check if this will hapens on my PC.
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    Changes not viewed at first change

    Sometimes I have the same problem - i create a file on a folder, and the file is not visible. I have to go Up and Down one level to see the file or to use right click - Refresh. It happens sometimes, sometimes it is not happens.
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    Alternative to Unlocker

    Unlocker works for me. Why it not works for you?
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    dual boot or vmware

    I also have dual boot os win7 and win8 and there are no problems. I switch between 7 and 8 several times per day and everything works fine.
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    i can't start win 8

    Use LiveCD(linux or windowsXP/7) to save your data from drive C and then reinstall it. I had two times the same problem in Win7. The solution for me was - Start Automatic Repair, after 1 or 2 h i restarted the PC, go to Safe mode, then restart and load the OS with no problems. But I doubt that...
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    Solved Getting to the Start Screen from Classic Shell

    Then go to C:\Program Files\Classic Shell\ and start Start Menu Settings