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    Solved File History Does Nothing

    Hello I've used Windows 8 File History for awhile to backup my laptop to my server. In the last few months, it simply stopped working. It's on (enabled) and it says the last history was done 5/21/2013. If I click "Run now", it seems to run for a few seconds, then completes (no messages other...
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    Which Is Better Apple Or Microsoft?

    I voted Apple since they stole the GUI w/mouse interface idea before Microsoft did.
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    Which Anti Virus Should I Use To Protect Windows 8 ?

    Just turn on the firewall, which it also provides. If your concern is security connected to the internet, then the firewall is just as important as the anti-virus. :)
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    Overall OS market shares

    Yep, Windows platforms are on a growth trajectory... Apple sales: Windows sales in 2013 to be topped by Apple device sales | BGR
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    Will the tablet replace the PC

    ^^^ This ^^^ Certainly, tablets will take some of the PC market since there are some who use PCs only for web browsing, email, etc. And there are indeed hybrids which will dock into a full keyboard, etc. But ultimately the screen size will become an issue. Larger screen size is needed for some...
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    W8 could be better by REMOVING the desktop APP

    As a couple of other posters have alluded, it's really an all or nothing deal relative to desktop support. Either they should support it, for real, or they not. If all MS did, in addition to leaving off the start menu on the desktop, was to leave off the Metro app that gets you to the desktop...
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    Five reasons why Windows 8 has failed

    Blaming the lack of positive response to Windows 8 on a decrease in intelligence factors of the customer base? Nice. And completely speculative. Who's making excuses? ;)
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    Best Browser For Win 8

    Actually, your original subject implies the question, "What's the best browser for Windows 8?" which is quite subjective. And the question in your post asks what browser "... does the job". In order to answer the latter, I'd need to know what "the job" is. If you're asking what people currently...
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    Best Browser For Win 8

    You have some specific requirements of the browser that the "big three" don't meet, at least one specifically pertaining to your undisclosed "hobby". Can you elaborate more specifically on what functions you need them to perform? Nobody can answer your question unless the implicitly had the same...
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    PSA: How Power Failures Corrupt Flash SSD Data

    How Power Failures Corrupt Flash SSD Data - Slashdot Just another reason it's always good to have a backup. :)
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    MSI File cannot be found

    If you go to Drivers & Downloads | Dell US I believe they have Windows 8 drivers for the Inspiron N5110 (I assume that's what you meant for the model). Specifically I did see Wifi drivers. Try that one instead of your Windows 7 driver. Windows 7 drivers aren't necessarily compatible.
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    replies come back

    They can vary. If I recall, I think this forum defaults to emailing instantly. So just set it to what you want.
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    Replacement Start Menus - Consensus of opinion

    Not sure why you feel it necessary to denigrate those who don't go to a manual when they want to figure out how to use a system that has, frankly, been touted as "so simple a child could figure it out". A common comment I've heard from people who use an iPad for the first time is, "Wow, I was...
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    replies come back

    Check in your CP, General Settings. What is your Default Thread Subscription Mode?
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    You mean Blue Tooth. :) What is the make and model of your PC?