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    lost among all updates in Win8.1

    I just install the december 2014 update after a clean install with last updated ISO. all those hundreds of security updates & patches are useless for home users. seriously, In 20 yrs I have never been hacked or virus damage my PC even windows 10 has 1000s of security holes & only patch the...
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    nov 2015 win 10 laptop

    a10-8700p - 6gb ddr3 1600mhz when i first got laptop in nov-2015. it had wind 10. ran pretty good. however, as websites have glunked on more crap and win 10 have downloaded so many updates and versions. anniversary edition. laptop has slowed. i took my precious copy of window 8.1 cd and...
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    Installed 8.1 on 2015 Win 10 laptop

    A10-8700P / 6 gb ddr3 1600 after all the hundreds of updates windows 10 has bombed on my laptop in Nov 2015 it has slowed somewhat. not much. but tried windows 8.1 i had lying round. what a difference in responsiveness.
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    Win 8 Updates way beyond ridiculous

    I bought a new laptop 12 months ago and haven't done any Win-Updates. Running perfectly with no problems what so ever. Microsoft endorses a Shotgun approach to fix every little problem on every kind of PC in the universe.
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    Win 8 Updates way beyond ridiculous

    My God, Since I installed Windows 8.1, there have been over 100+ updates & they still keep coming. Also, the updates are accelerating in number. I have to think that this is going to either make my system unstable or bog down. What's going on? Can someone illuminate me? :confused:
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    Anybody still using x-fi xtreme gamer on windows 8.1 ????

    Hi, i'm curious if anybody is still using their x-fi xtremegamer soundcard on windows 8.1 OS. I really wanted to dump it and use my onboard realtek ALC892. But, the audio to my surprise was inferior. Odd that a card I acquired in 2008 still beats out a modern onboard sound solution even...
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    win 8.1 / put to sleep/ vol shadow hangs & corrupts HDD

    this is the second time this has happend. i have a very clean windows 8.1 install just today i push the power button to put to sleep. HDD is active like 5 minutes. i finally push power until system shuts down. now when i try to start win 8.1 is goes through system recovery & goes through...