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    Fresh install - do I need to install every update?

    Last time I did a clean reinstall of Win8.1, I was faced with over 200 Windows Updates. I did find this list, which I added to over time, of the Updates to avoid:
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    Is there a higher current driver?

    I'm using v8233 on my Win 8.1 box with no problems. I've seen that v8245 is out, but I haven't tried that yet -- but I'm sure it will work.
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    Key code ?

    IF you bought a Win 8 disk from Amazon, it should have come with a license key. If it did not, you got screwed --as it won't activate without a key.
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    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    Update: It appears that AMD has simply STOPPED supporting Win8x with their ReLive drivers, as their webpage no longer has links to newer driver versions for Win8x. So, for ReLive v17.9.1, I tried installing the Win10 drivers -- but it errored out saying it could not detect the hardware. I also...
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    Latest AMD Catalyst Graphics Driver for Windows 8

    According to the AMD site, these drivers are NOT available for Win8.1 (for the R7 200 series card), but only for Win7 and Win10. For Win8.1, they still show the 17.7.1 drivers.
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    Cleaning out folders to recover space

    Sorry I did not respond sooner -- but I got busy doing other stuff and forgot I did this post. Anyway -- I made an image backup, cleared out the svchost folder -- and will see what happens. So far (the same day) have not encountered any problems. NOTE: Did an online search for help on this...
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    Repair Install and Windows Update

    My Win8.1 pro setup is overgrown again and I would like to do a repair-install to clean out some of the crud -- but this time, I want to avoid doing the 200+ Windows Updates. So, is there a way to do recent Cumulative Updates to accomplish the same without spending hours and hours doing...
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    Scripting Networking access settings

    We're obviously talking at cross-purposes here ... I do not want to do group-based permissions, instead, I only want to have simple file sharing -- which was working very well up until recently. My interest in posting this thread was to see if I could re-establish those sharing options using...
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    Scripting Networking access settings

    I have 5 PCs on the network, with different accounts on each, and I don't want to have to replicate these accounts on the file server box. So how do I allow every PC on the network to have READ access to all the files and folders on the file server box unless I specify "everyone"?
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    Scripting Networking access settings

    Each of the physical drives has two sets of permissions: 1) A shared folder -- Everyone Read/Write 2) Remainder of the drive -- Everyone read only I set these up manually using Sharing options ... but I had problems with other PCs being able to read the folders and files, and write to the...
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    Scripting Networking access settings

    My Win8.1 box that servers as a file server has become corrupted and I need to reinstall the OS. But, I have several disks in the case and each one has complicated networking settings. It takes a LONG time to enter the settings manually for each disk, so is there a way to script the settings...
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    You would do better either posting in our sister site -- Win10 forums (Windows 10 Forums) or in the HP Support Forums (Home - HP Support Forum)
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    How can i make my laptop more cooler

    Here is a thread from the HP Support forums about your issue: HP Notebook PCs - Reducing Heat Inside the Laptop to Prevent Overheating | HP(R) Customer Support
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    Cleaning out folders to recover space

    Win8.1 has gotten bloated -- so I have been searching for stuff to remove. In my C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\svchost\ folder, I have 109 hidden xxxxxxxxx.exe files, ALL dated 10/19/16 11:29 AM. This folder is consuming 6.5GB of my Windows partition -- and I'd like to reclaim that...
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    Motherboard swap and now cannot activate windows 8 or 8.1

    Sorry for the bad news, but the general opinion of the OEM is that the license is attached to the DEVICE -- in this case, the motherboard. IF you would have had HP replace the motherboard with their own product, they would have used one that came with a BIOS with a license, and it either would...