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    Latest NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers for Windows 8

    Thnx @Brink! Cheers
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 keeps showing "swipe notifications"?

    Hi all, After updating to Win 8.1 I get these annoying swipe notifications on my main screen. I have a touchscreen hooked onto my Mac Pro and use it in Win8.1 to accommodate Falcon BMS sim's cockpit. I never use it working on either Mac OS and/or Windows. How can I turn it off? Help...
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    KB2976978... again, and again !

    In WU the KB2976978 does not appear anymore! Cheers
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    Whats the best free registry cleaner?

    Mac OS X! ;-) Cheetd
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    KB2976978... again, and again !

    Very strange update indeed and so SMALL in size (?) , won't stop showing up, BUG? Cheers
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    Solved windows oem reinstall

    Call M$ License Support I had a bootcamped Windows 8 Pro x64 OEM on my (then broken) MP 3.1 (2008). I upgraded to a MP 5.1 (2012) and moved my Windows 8 Pro x64 Samsung 840 EVO 500GB to it. And yes of course the product key was revoked because of all changed hardware, so it killed my licensed...
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    Solved Upgrade from 7 pro 64 bit to 8 pro - nothing kept

    Thanks for your warning! Always good to know that sometimes OS maintenance and/or updates fail, due to the lack of DEVS realizing that nowadays we may have multiple HDD/SSD in our sytems. Rediculious!
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    Solved Help on a clean install project...

    One More Thing: DID YOU BACKUP YOUR DATA (other then OS)? Good luck.
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    Solved Password reset? - THNX!

    Thanks admins for your prompt reply in resetting my password! Cheers
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    ALERT!: New ransomware allows one user file 'free' decrypt

    New ransomware allows one user file 'free' decrypt By Dimitri Reijerman , Sunday, November 16, 2014 14:26 , comments: 201 , Views: 31,371 • Feedback Security firms Webroot has a new ransomware-variant found that the user after encrypting the data from surreptitious provides the ability to...
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    ⚽️ FIFA World Cup

    Congrats German Team!!!