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    Last Letter Game [11]

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    Word Association [9]

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    Keep One Change One [11]

    bargain bin
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    Which Antivirus Are You Using?

    None of the above, using Comodo Internet Security.
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    Solved Anti-Malware Protection Confusion

    For a anti virus only have 1 running the background, they often conclict and do more damage then good when having more then one installed running. For spyware something like malwarebytes and sas would be good, can have multiple of those since they don't run in real time unless you have...
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    Four months in, Windows 8 needs help

    Problem with that is most users are not tech savy and don't want to bother with that. Should be easy out of the box. They should of just included a optional desktop ui that's like win 7 in the first place instead of having to do this all your self which most normal users would not think of so...
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    Are these stats any good?

    Yea they are fine, anyways agree about hp being full of bloatware and overpriced. Same goes with dell, at least the ones I have used in the past which a bunch of preinstalled stuff that I had to uninstall to speed it up for my friend.
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    Keep One Change One [8]

    Know this
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    What Are You Listening To?
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    Word Association [6]

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    AOL 1996 - Windows 8 2012 - LOL

    i knew it ;)
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    Last Letter Game [6]

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    Keep One Change One [6]

    glass panel
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    Do You think that Windows 8 is that bad?

    yes because it doesn't give me the freedom to choose if i want a start button or don't want the touch screen interface since i don't use touch screens so win 8 is irrelevant to me. il'l stay on win 7 untill MS brings a os that is more appealing to me.
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    Keep One Change One [5]

    one piece