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    Solved catastrophe with upgrade

    If going on the support forum doesn't work, you may have to download the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 ISO files. If you Google, Windows 8.1 media creation tool, it should bring up a link for you to download a Media Creation tool, so you can download the necessary version of Windows. You must...
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    booting time too long, opening files/desktop takes Forever

    Perform all the steps above as they have mentioned. If neither of those fix your problem, I recommend refreshing your operating system. Beware, you also may have some failing hardware. A lot of times if you are having slow response times and slow boot times, your hard drive may be failing...
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    Can't go on, err_network_access_denied

    Looks like you aren't the only one having trouble like this, as others have had similar issues. I just did a Google search on it. Are you running a preinstalled version of Windows 8, or is this your own copy? I ask because sometimes preinstalled systems may have software installed that may be...
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    Can't go on, err_network_access_denied

    What browser are you using?
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    Solved Headphones disappear from playback devices for no reason.

    The problem is, the audio device is not changing the audio port source automatically as it should. There should be a cirrus logic audio control panel within control panel in Windows. If you can find it, go in there and find your audio port settings to make sure that it's set to change ports...
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    Solved Headphones disappear from playback devices for no reason.

    Could you post a screenshot of your device manager?
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    Solved Headphones disappear from playback devices for no reason.

    Could be a bad port, however, it could be something as simple as the audio driver is not installed or configured to run headphones or the external ports. Right click on start menu button Click on device manager Click on Sound, audio or game controllers, and check the audio device. If it says...
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    Can't go on, err_network_access_denied

    Does it work on another system? Sounds like a website issue to me.
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    Use legacy boot mode in Windows 8.1

    Yes, you will have to turn on CSM "Compatibility Support Module" in the bios, however, Windows 8 is optimized to run more efficient in UEFI mode. When you try to install Windows 8, did you delete all the partitions, then click new? Windows will create the necessary partitions on the hard...
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    HDMI No Audio Without Restarting

    If the television shows up in your devices, more than likely, there is no sound coming out from the TV due to the TV needs to be set as the default audio device. The HDMI doesn't use the Realtek. It is separate as it uses the Intel driver for HDMI sound. My buddy has a TV he occasionally...
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    Stuck at POST screen and other odd symptoms

    What kind of video card does this system have? Is it a discreet video card or is it an onboard card? My suggestion first would be if you have a discreet graphics card, such as in a pci express slot, either remove the card, and swap it out with another video card "if you have one" or if there is...
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    Solved Windows found driver ... but encountered an error

    Good you fixed the issue. Very rarely do I see issues like this, but sometimes I do. Makes me wonder how Microsoft has fixed issues in Windows 10. It will be cool to see how it goes. Cheers
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    Solved Windows found driver ... but encountered an error

    It's a possibility it could be a bad unit. Do you have another computer or have a friend that has a pc to test. Always troubleshoot before throwing something away. If it is a hardware failure then they would have to authorize a RMA
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    Laptop thinks it's touch screen after update

    I'm almost wondering if there is a bug in Windows 8.1, because I see that both of you are having similar issues. If it is causing problems, I would revert back to windows 8 with your system recovery. Are any of your computers under warranty? "Asking both people having problems in this...