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    Constantly unplugging router and modem

    Hey So I have a Cisco modem model DPQ3212 and a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Smart wifi router. Its model is R7000. I got this router a bit over 6 months ago and it's constantly dropping the internet since pretty much since I got it. I did have an old router that died so I got a new netgear...
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    Windows not updating when restarting

    Hey When I shut down my computer, I had the option to update and restart. So I picked that option so I can install updates. I did that and my computer just restarted without installing anything. I figured it was just a one time thing so I did it again after my computer started back up. Same...
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    Malwarebytes messed up internet connection

    Hey guys, So I was doing a scan with malwarebytes and it found one adware. I quarantined it. After that, my internet connection was very, very slow. I tried everything I could think of til I decided to just do a system restore. That worked! Now I'm afraid to use malwarebytes again or...
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    McAfee keeps blocking risky connections

    I haven't had a virus on my computer because of McAfee so I think I'll keep it, thanks. I do use eset scanner just in case McAfee doesn't pick up any threats. They never find anything.
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    Strange devices on router

    Ok thanks, guys. Another question is whether to upgrade the firmware. Turns out an update is available but I've been reading on the netgear forum that if your router is doing fine and protecting your computer, then leave it alone. I've read from some people that upgrading just made things...
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    Strange devices on router

    Nope, I meant I actually logged into my router to see what devices are connected and they do have their IP addresses and mac addresses. The addresses are all similar though. Something starting with like 192.168.1 or something like that but the end at the string of numbers is different.
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    Strange devices on router

    Hey, So I have a couple of devices showing up on my router that are unfamiliar. One of them appears to look like it's from amazon and the other one is from audiocast. My wifi is protected by password (a really good and long one, I think). Could it be because I use amazon? I don't even use...
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    McAfee keeps blocking risky connections

    This is actually good! I'm not complaining about that. But I'm wondering why this is happening more often now than usual. Is there something I can do?
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    Disk cleanup took MORE space?!

    Ok well, it turns out doing this disk cleanup ended up taking up space, instead of cleaning it more because of the new files/folders created by the windows update cleanup.
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    Disk cleanup took MORE space?!

    I was using disk clean up a little while ago and though it's not much difference, it took up more space, not freeing up space? I've added and deleted documents lately so maybe that's what messed up the true number of storage space and the number of space showing after disk cleanup is actually...
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    OneDrive really private?

    I have an email account at hotmail so I get OneDrive automatically free. When you upload your files on OneDrive, you can see there's a web address. So I'm concerned that my files aren't really private though people claim you can use OneDrive to share files privately with people. How is...
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    Scheduled performances and maintanence when computer is off

    I'm trying to deal with my internet addiction so I decided to try to use my PC a lot less and I think one way to help with that is to just turn my PC off. But it might be off when it's time to do virus scans, defrag and whatever else that needs to be done but I might turn my computer off at...
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    How to prevent uninstallation of Mozilla and Chrome extensions?

    Actually I haven't installed any yet lol. I wanted to ask this question first before I did install any. I've heard of BlockSite but I gotta find out if there's a way to prevent uninstalling it before using it. As for advertisement sites, I just use adblocker.
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    How to prevent uninstallation of Mozilla and Chrome extensions?

    Does anyone know how to prevent uninstalling extensions on Chrome and Mozilla? I want to install an extension that will block some websites. There are some websites that I'm trying to stay away from to slow down my internet addiction and I'm worried that I'll be tempted to uninstall the...
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    McAfee blocking non-adult websites when parental controls is on

    I'm trying to block websites so they're not tempting to get on. Problem is I do turn them on with my anti-virus, McAfee but McAfee is blocking websites that are not supposed to be blocked like adult websites. I tried to post this problem on the McAfee website but no one's answering so I...