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    Would A Faulty Internal Hard Drive Make File Explorer Unresponsive? (Not C: drive)

    Thanks for your replies confirming the hard drive. Since taking the hard drive out I have not had any problems, everything is working fine. I just didn't think a faulty secondary hard drive would make Windows unresponsive like that. I thought maybe the drive would just not show up in Explorer or...
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    Would A Faulty Internal Hard Drive Make File Explorer Unresponsive? (Not C: drive)

    I have six internal hard drives (5 mechanical and 1 ssd for the OS) A few days ago I started getting a problem in Windows 8.1 where my mouse was freezing for a second every now and then. Also when I opened file explorer and clicked on a drive (Steam games) file explorer became unresponsive and...
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    OneDrive showing as SkyDrive on original Surface RT

    I got given an original Surface RT and did a full reset, it's running Windows 8.1 but OneDrive shows as SkyDrive in file explorer and also the app tile shows as SkyDrive. Is this normal or should it show as OneDrive? I've fully updated now.
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    Best Software To Clone A HDD With Same Drive Letter?

    Thanks I'll take a look at Macrium Reflect.
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    Best Software To Clone A HDD With Same Drive Letter?

    I have a 3tb data hard drive(F: drive letter) that is almost full, I want to replace it with a 4tb hard drive. What would be the best - simplest software to clone a drive? I also don't understand, would I have to format the new drive with a drive letter then change that drive letter to the same...
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    SD Card Not Being Recognised With Internal Card Reader

    I have the very latest Windows 8.1 update. My internal multi card reader has been working fine for just under a year but just recently it has stopped recognising SD cards. When I insert a card it normally opens an explorer window but now it does nothing and does not show in file explorer...
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    Solved Can You Not Search The Calendar App?

    :shock: No search in calendar! what a joke. Well thanks for letting us know.
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    Solved Can You Not Search The Calendar App?

    I've just started using the Calendar app on 8.1 but cannot see how to search the calendar from within the app? I tried using the search in the charms bar but it does not show Calendar search results :huh:
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    Junk folders

    I have the same issue, the only way to get back to one junk folder is to reinstall the mail app which is annoying as the 2nd junk folder will come back after like 3-7 days. It seems to have just recently started happening in say the last month. It also happens on a fresh install of 8.1 so I...
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    Moving Files In The SkyDrive OneDrive Metro App

    I haven't used the OneDrive metro app much since windows 8 came out but I'm sure in the early days you could move files within the metro app :think: by right clicking on a file (or swiping down) and you would get a 'move' button along the bottom menu. When did this option get removed? and why...
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    What Would Be The Next Xbox Called?

    Xbox U :party:
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    Rumour: Win9 RTM October 2014....????

    Always the same, I just get everything set up and working smoothly then they go and bring out another version. Will this windows 9 be an easy upgrade from 8.1?
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    Solved Weather App Live Tile Not Working When Set To Fahrenheit

    Thanks for posting I just this minute changed it back to Fahrenheit and the live tile is working now. Must be problems at Microsoft's end.
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    Windows Explorer Issue ie11

    After the latest Tuesday update YouTube has become very unresponsive in IE11. I use Chrome on desktop but can only use IE on Surface rt and YouTube is a pain at the moment can anybody else confirm this?
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    Solved How to Disable Camera completely?

    But does it really disable it :confused: put a sticker over it to be sure :geek: