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    Solved Default Gateway is not available

    Not to discourage anyone here, but I've been having these exact problems for about two years now, and I have done everything anyone has suggestes on any website on the internet and nothing has ever worked for longer than a day. Which eventually brings me to the conclusion that I am probably...
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    Automatic Repair loop without recovery/troubleshoot menu

    Thanks for all the much appreciated help, but after lots of trying and failing I decided to have an expert take a look at my laptop. He concluded after only a half hour or so, that the problem was a defect hard drive. Currently my laptop is on its way to the Asus repair center, to be repaired...
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    Automatic Repair loop without recovery/troubleshoot menu

    Recently updated my Asus K55VD to windows 8. Had alot of problems so far, so when I got another blue screen of death this evening I wasn't really worried. Unfortunatly, this time I was not able to overcome the problem myself, so I am hoping to get some help from this forum. First time I am on...