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  1. Lensman

    Given my computer away because I am so very disappointed.

    Amen, Brother, I couldn't have said it better as a sixty something member.
  2. Lensman

    Munich, Germany: Linux was disaster, back to Windows

    Stop me if I am wrong, but doesn't this sound like the old Ford vs. GM vs. Chrysler argument? Each person has their preferences and each 'vehicle' has it's good and bad points. Where computers are concerned, I really liked my 5150 running DOS 5.0 and DOS shell. What a beast it was. Now, I must...
  3. Lensman

    Compatible Anti-Virus?

    Vipre 2014 runs just fine on an 8.1 clean install.
  4. Lensman

    First Impressions of Windows 8.1

    I did a 'clean' install of 8.1 and it performed flawlessly. This OS has a Cornucopia of things to discover and is a real joy to use. Admittedly, I am using the more classic desktop, with the philosophy that 'tiles' are for bathroom floors. ;) All in all, I think that this is the best OS that MS...