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    Games Wont Run

    I am just gonna guess, but if you tried to start this game or any other game in Windows Safe mode I can say that it will not work. Since safe mode forces windows to start ONLY the necessary applications and programs to make the computer run. So yeah starting anything that would require the use...
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    IP Settings Can't Be Changed After Manually Set

    When you setup the IP addresses for the networks you should allways set the following: - IP address: - Subnet Mask - Default Gateway DNS isnt required but if you can get a hold of the DNS ips from your router then please set that up as well.
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    Does Windows 8.1 Automatic Maintenance activate TRIM?

    Why Windows 8 and 8.1 defragment your SSD and how you can avoid this ? ????? ???????
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    USB ports giving out energy when laptop is on sleep mode

    As broe23 says, shutdown the system totaly should turn of power for USB as well. But remember even though you shut it down, or putt it in sleep mode, some motherboards continue to transmit power through USB. Have a computer with windows 7 and a G41M-Combo motherboard and even though its...
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    Games Wont Run

    Well if you have tried running the games with commbability mode as windows 7 or Windows Vista and/or with administrator rights. The only thing I can ask you, are they being blocked by your router? Some Internet providers have fun by sometimes uploading new patches for their routers. Allso, is...
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    Is my Asus GTX 660Ti video card starting to fail?

    I've had alot of issues my self last few years with graphic cards and motherboards from Asus, would recommend you switch to something else like MSI. But then again, have you tried the Beta drivers from Asus? That does actually "sometimes" work ^^
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    Connected to internet, but no browsers work (Windows 8.1)

    Try disabling or removing Trend Micro Maximum Security. Since Windows 8,1 has Winodows Defender installed. Most times if you have more then one anti virus they might make complications for each other blocking something. It's known to happen. To get into safe mode: How To Boot Into Safe Mode...
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    Last Letter Game [12]

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    Able to browse, but not ping externally or internally

    Are you sure the router isnt blocking all ping requests? Allso try pinging while running Command prompt with admin rights. Even though it shouldn't be a differance.
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    Connected to internet, but no browsers work (Windows 8.1)

    What antivirus and antimalware software are you using? Can you run them in safe mode? If you know some computer specifics then you can run Hijackthis and see whats starting up when you log in. If you do not know much then please do not use the software, if you disable the wrong startup...
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    Looking for a Civil War game

    Do you mean it has to be a game about the civil wars or are we talking about games like Total Wars series?
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    Windows Defender vs. Third party antivirus

    Recommendations: Windows Defender (aka Microsoft Security Essentials) Malwarebytes CCleaner If you need more then these 3 then I am guessing you are in on sites or downloading alot of stuff that contains viruses, trojans or worse.
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    Microphone problems with Packard Bell desktop

    Both audio drivers can be downloaded from: Packard Bell IMedia S2885 Drivers Download for Windows 7, 8, XP, Vista Would recommend you download em both, uninstall what ever you are running and install one of them, if that doesnt work, then uninstall that one and install the other one.
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    remove read only from folder used by app

    If the folder is in use by a program that requires it to be read only then you cannot change the attributes as long as the program is running. Now which program is using it on the other hand is pretty easy if you follow this guide: - filesystems - Easy way to find out which process is locking...
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    Last Letter Game [12]