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  1. KYHI

    Replacing same vers. IO board without losing OS rights

    As Jim stated you will lose the OS Rights due to different hardware ID Codes... So might as well upgrade Board... Then call to activate... Or, If you are using MS Account then maybe you can Transfer those rights (with Win10 you can transfer to New PC)
  2. KYHI

    How to backup recovery file bootable usb drive

    Yes just copy the Contents of that USB to a Folder on another drive.. Then if needed - just copy the contents of the folder back to a USB
  3. KYHI

    Extract files from exe?

    C:\Temp\innounp.exe -x -b -a -d"C:\Temp\Extract" "C:\Temp\Setup.exe" Put innounp.exe in Temp Folder.. Put the (Your) Setup.exe in temp Folder Run the above command as admin.. your extracted *.exe will be in "Extract" Folder
  4. KYHI

    Purchased a Windows 8 recovery usb directly from Dell

    Download and Install Windows 8.1 From Microsoft.. If needed then you can Installed any additional or unfound drivers from your Dell Disk... Do NOT even waste anymore time with the Dell Flash Drive....
  5. KYHI

    Extract files from exe?

    Some exe's can be extracted by using 7zip other exe's can be extracted by using innounp.exe
  6. KYHI

    Can't boot to USB...?

    Currently is the Bios setup for Legacy or UEFI ??
  7. KYHI

    Can't boot to USB...?

    When you boot your PC normally (into OS) do you get an OEM logo or a windows logo ?? As you are booting USB via UEFI Set BOIS to default settings And USB should be Fat32 Secure Boot enabled or disabled , not really matter.. As UEFI booting it appears
  8. KYHI

    Help: Accessing Windows 8 partition in Windows 8.1 OS

    Unhide system files and folders... Pics show almost 23GB of partition used but wim file shows about 300MB
  9. KYHI

    Help: Accessing Windows 8 partition in Windows 8.1 OS

    right click start flag > command prompt(admin) type> diskpart type> select disk 0 type> list volume type> list partition (post a pic) You will see a lot of volumes without drive letters assigned.. Find the 10-20GB volume number type> select volume # (# being the volume number without a...
  10. KYHI

    Cloning Win8.1 HDD to Smaller SSD w/Macrium

    Additionally - since this is a touch Screen > there is one partition (#7) on the current HDD that I would like to protect... So not looking to format or remove any partitions from the HDD, yet.
  11. KYHI

    Cloning Win8.1 HDD to Smaller SSD w/Macrium

    it appears that this PC has been upgraded to a newer OS - then what came with the PC... Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 ? or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 ?? As I see 2 additional Partitions (#5 and #6) We could use the existing recovery Partition #7 - to reset the PC Back to Factory OEM (OS and Settings)...
  12. KYHI

    DISM Error: 87 the Cleanup-Image option is unknown

    Try running command from > Command Prompt (admin)
  13. KYHI

    Solved .Zip / .Rar Extraction problem

    If you open the zip in a folder then the Temp file is also in that same folder _ at least with 7zip... You can also right click the Drive and select disk cleanup and then from that window select system cleanup check all boxes... Also unhide your system files and see if Hiberfil.sys is present...
  14. KYHI

    Windows 8.1 factory reset troubleshooting: files missing?

    What is your issue... You do not have a factory Recovery Partition either... So you to would Have to Use the windows setup media - to repair or replace a corrupt OS