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    Factory reset - restore to pre-user state

    Welcome to EightForums. Yes, there is: Reset Windows 8
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    'Computer' renamed to 'This PC' in latest Windows 8.1 buil

    So? What's the big deal?! You can remove libraries from sidebar with registry hack. (build 9385) :cool:
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    How to snap a pdf windows so it doesnt occupy whole screen

    Windows Reader is a ''Metro'' program, and as such ,You can only snap it on one or on three quarters of screen. For better work, it would be better to get a ''real'' pdf program.
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    Deleting Windows 7 from dual boot

    For the first hand ,right click on .iso, and go to ''Burn disc image''. That's all You need.
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    Safe Mode - Add to Windows Boot Manager in Windows 8

    Yes, You do. How will You add one more entry in boot manager through System Configuration? There is no option for that. And that's why we have bcdedit.
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    Microsoft closes Windows 8 upgrade offer loophole

    More on CNET ...
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    Do you want Aero?

    Sorry, I've made the wrong cut. It wasn't You. :confused:
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    Do you want Aero?

    Redundant?! Give me a break with that crap! This is also a desktop OS and there should be an option, like it always was!! It's my PC, I want OS to look and feel my way!!
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    Do you want Aero?

    What is nice here?! And it doesn't matter which color is default!
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    Solved Use other mail accounts via E-mail app

    CharmsBar is mostly used by Metro :doh: ModernUI apps.
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    Solved Use other mail accounts via E-mail app

    You're welcome. BTW, items (and functions) in Charms Bar are changing, depending on the active application.
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    Solved Use other mail accounts via E-mail app

    Open Mail, go to Charms Bar - Settings, then Accounts and click on Add an account. Enter your Gmail address and password ,things You want to sync, and that's it. That's all. And, for the POP accounts, read more here.
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    Solved Use other mail accounts via E-mail app

    You can only use mail accounts which have IMAP servers (such as Gmail or Yahoo).
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    Solved After Nero install -- Don't have permission to Mount an ISO any more

    I have Nero installed, but I have no such problems. Have You tried to reset .iso to it's Default file type association?