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    Solved Keep waking up from sleep

    Is your computer connected to the network via Ethernet?
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    Ho envy 6t-1200 recovery fail error

    Worth running the HP Start Up Tests. Run these by tapping F2 on start up. Worth checking the HDD.
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    Solved No USB device is getting detected

    Go into device Manager and uninstall all the USB controllers! Reboot the computer and see if this helps.
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    Solved Radeon BSOD only in Windows 8 64bit

    Have you looked into a BIOS update for your Motherboard? have you got the correct drivers? AMD/ATi dont seem to show any that i can see but looking at forums suggest the drivers should be obtained from XFX directly. Be worth registering with the product details and see what it offers there...
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    win 8 mess; task manager, antivir, admin problems

    Sounds virus related as its locked you out of the machine. Try a System Restore from W8 Advance Boot Options. See if this will run.
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    I/o device error

    What brand harddrive is it?
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    Invalid IP Configuration - Limited Internet Access

    Try updating your wireless card drivers. As you've reinstalled windows they will more than likely be an update for it. Power cycle the oruter aswell just incase! Worth trying ethernet as a test as will see if the router is offering IP addresses. Another wireless device will also see if the...
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    Internet going down while downloading or watching video.

    Check your drivers for the network card. Sounds like they may need updating. When the troubleshooter says the ethernet card is disbaled, check the Network Connectons window to see if its disabled there aswell.
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    Solved Problems booting windows...

    Sounds like a hardware fault somewhere. Could just be a loose cabe connection as the error is saying it cannot get a constant connection to a device. I/O from what im aware are normally signs of hardware issues in some way. Have you tried to system restore as opposed to a Automatic Repair? As...
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    Memory Management

    A setting of that nature can only be made from within the BIOS I would expect. Boot to the BIOS using F2 or Del normally and reset to defaults as will clear the shared mamory to the GPU. To reset its normally F9 then go to Yes. To save is normally F10 and again go to Yes.
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    Solved All apps are opening in desktop

    Sounds like Internet Explorer has been set to open in Desktop Mode only. Have you installed a different browser recently? Or any software that may have included a browser? Worth checking. If...
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    network printer issue error code

    Could the password be for the user account of the computer with the printer connected?
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    Winsock Error

    Give this Microsoft Fix It a try! How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
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    Solved Application Data folder inside Application Data folder

    Never seen that before!! judging by the lack of response sounds like its a new one! :) It does definatly sound virus related in some way. Malwarebytes in Safemode would find anything there, but wont undo the damaged caused assuming it is a virus of course. The folders would still be there...
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    getting some problem with vlc and win8

    would do the sound driver aswell just incase!