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    Today [2]

    Thought I'd just post something here to bring this thread up to date. :thumbsup: I'll have to update my system specs when I have 5 minutes as at present they are way out of date as I don't have that computer or use that OS. :rolleyes:
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    Last Letter Game [14]

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    Today [2]

    Happy Birthday Cliff. :dinesh::party:
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    Last Letter Game [12]

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    Today [2]

    It's a while since I came here, I've been using 10 since just before it was launched and I don't have a Vista machine anymore that got taken over by 7 and this machine came with 8. :)
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    Today [2]

    Poor bunnies. ;)
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    Sad place

    Not been here for ages as I'm running 10 now on this Asus. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to keep up on a regular basis at all the forums. I upgraded this 8.1.1 Asus to 10 when it came out and I've not regretted it I've still got a 7 desktop but that can't be upgraded because of...
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    Today [2]

    Nice to see you here G. I don't come as often as I should, I have too many forums to try keeping up with. Hope you're OK :)
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    Today [2]

    Well done Bill, you know how much you are appreciated at all the forums, we all love hearing from you and there's lots of help in among those posts. :thumbsup:
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    No more canned air for me !

    They do a version for the UK, just been to look on Amazon. Datavac Electric Duster ED-500 220-240V: Kitchen & Home
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    Are We Dying????

    I know this 8.1 will be taken over by 10 but I'll still have a 7 machine. I don't think this particular forum has been quite as popular as the others as the OS hasn't been as well liked. Vista is very quiet as well but there are still people who need help with the older systems. In the world of...
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    Welcome to Eight Forums [2]

    Welcome to all new members, enjoy your time here. ;)
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome to you both, enjoy your time here with us. :)
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    Donna's health has taken a turn...‏

    That was beautiful Dennis, I'm pleased to hear it is helping you over this grieving time. Thinking of you and Donna with love.
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    Spring Forward

    Doesn't happen this side of the pond till the end of the month. I'm wondering if because of your time change that's why my Bing homepage hasn't changed today.:confused: