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    Solved How to properly disable UAC using the registry on Win 8.1

    I don't care for metro/modern apps! The problem is that UAC is so annoying, giving me useless warnings that i don't need. And if I dont disable it via regedit.exe it keeps sending these messages asking for admin rights when i try to copy a file to C: drive or modify a file in it. Even if I...
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    Solved How to properly disable UAC using the registry on Win 8.1

    I'm trying to fully disable User Account Control on Windows 8.1 using regedit.exe, but changing ENABLELUA value from 1 to 0 ( enablelua is located on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System) is not working anymore. I've used this trick on Windows 8.0 and it...
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    Windows 8 Allows Xbox 360 Games to be Played on PC

    this is fake, MS will never do this because it will affect xbox360 sales
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    Directx 12

    I dont see a need to launch DX12 now, 90% of the gaming market uses DX9/10 and only a few offers a fully support to DX11. It appears to me it is only a matter of propaganda to sell more video cards/operating systems.
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    Windows 8 GA in Fall 2012, Possibly September, Microsoft Hints

    is there a video showing the DESKTOP version of Win8? I dont give a rubbish for tablet version that microsoft posted a video, i wanna see an DESKTOP version running.
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    Windows 8 - 7955 Leaked

    wtf is those pills, red and blue that you're talking?