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    New MS CEO named

    I am underwhelmed.
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    Solved Will VirtualBox Work on My PC

    Running VBox on my Asus G75VW notebook with 8.1 and prior to that 8.0 with no problems at all. Jeff
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    Keep One Change One [10]

    Hell's Angels
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    Microsoft may bring back full start menu with 8.2

    You sir, are to be congratulated. I can't believe how society has allowed itself to become addicted to those things to the point where their use is killing people on the highways. -jeff
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    USB Problems with 8.1

    It's comforting to know that Microsoft continues to maintain the same low standards they've set for themselves.
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    What made you pick your screen name?

    My initials plus the size in cubic centimeters of a Harley Twin Cam 88 motor. -jeff
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    CPU Fan Generating More Noise After Windows 8.1 Update

    As we've said since this industry was an infant, "Intel giveth and Microsoft taketh away".
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    For Non US citizens -- LET's DUMP Halloween

    Shoot Jimbo, I *am* a US citizen and I agree with ya. The last thing I look forward to is a bunch of rug rats ringing the doorbell looking for handouts that will further fatten up the little turds and driving my dog nuts. _jeff
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    Windows 8.1 Installation Error: 0x80070057

    :roflmao: You got that right. Those developer and quality control folks in Redmond must be on to a stash of good Cambodian weed with what they've been releasing lately. -jeff
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    Win8 or Win8.1?

    I'm seeing too many little sticky issues out here post 8.1 upgrade. Maybe not huge or earth shattering but enough to make me hesitate. I'd sit on the sidelines awhile, watch things, and see how it shakes out. -jeff
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    Reconciling 2 Worlds With Windows 8.1

    Give me a call when "TileWorld" will run things like SQL Developer, TOAD, Stat, PeopleSoft Application Designer, UltraEdit, Autosys, Control-M and several other software development tools simultaneously in a multi, overlapping window environment. -jeff
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    MS's new mission statement: No more computer on every desk

    I just puked on my keyboard. But that's ok, in the new world order according to Ballmer we won't need those anymore. -jeff
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    Why the blue screen of death no longer plagues Windows use

    It was probably replaced by that totally asinine dialog box message that somebody posted about in the General Support section - "Something Happened". I kid you not, that was real. Jeff
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    Surface 2: Everything that's wrong with Microsoft's model

    AAARRRGGGHHHH - you had to ruin my day by posting those didn't ya. I know, I didn't have to watch but I'm a glutton for punishment.:)
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    Why use 3rd party Menus - much more flexible way (W8/8.1)

    Sorry for the misunderstanding Jimbo, I wasn't referring to you at all. It was the reply to your post that basically came across sounding like those that prefer some sort of menu button verses Metro/Modern are Neanderthals. Since my reply was immediately after that I assumed it would be taken...