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    Solved How to start a new Microsoft hot mail account !

    My brother needs to get a Microsoft hot mail account !
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    Solved delete confirmation !

    Brink Thank you for your help ! So i am stuck with that message OK ! You can mark this as solved if you will !;)
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    Solved delete confirmation !

    Brink said ! Where are you deleting the files from? Perhaps it may be UAC asking to confirm instead if it's from a system folder location. Brink Hi and good morning to you. The files come off of a real small sd card in my gopro camera or i can take the sd out and put it in a card reader ...
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    Solved delete confirmation !

    Brink That does not work in win 8.1 or win 10 i know about that part it is unchecked and it still ask if i am sure i want to delete the files ! I think i read on one of the forums that that did not work like it use to by unchecking the box ! Do you know of a regedit that i can do to make...
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    Solved delete confirmation !

    Brink I am not sure we are talking about the same thing , what i need is to right click on a file or select a bunch and say delete it without it asking me if i am sure that is the part i want to do away with , does that help you understand what i need ? Thank you for your help with this !
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    Solved delete confirmation !

    If you mean for the Recycle Bin, then the tutorial below can help show you how to. Yes to turn it off in win 8.1 and win 10 . I think it is the one that is before the bin when you right click on a gopro video mp4 file and say delete it ask if you are sure you want to do it ! Thank you Brink !
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    Solved delete confirmation !

    Can someone tell me how to do away with the delete confirmation please in windows 8.1 and windows 10 ! Thank you for now !
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    F8 not working for safe mode ?

    Hi I was still posting but had to edit my post so I see you have may have a fix for this Thanks ! That was very fast !! Jerry W.
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    F8 not working for safe mode ?

    Hi My F8 is not working to get to safe mode or to the advance tools does Windows 8 have this option ? Windows 8 Pro Media Center 64 bit upgrade on my Dell XPS 430 Desktop PC with SSD drive . It has just one partition I have reinstalled to have the service partition also and it does not work ...
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    ati 4850 CCC doesn't work

    Hi When I was using Windows 8 with my ATI 4850 none of the NEW ATI catalyst Control Center drivers would install CCC. What I had to do was go back to the ATI 11.2 driver to get the CCC to install ! Hope this helps you . Good Luck Jerry W.
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    Poll: Windows 8 users, are you using a 3rd party start menu?

    No I will not downgrade any of my Windows Vista or Windows 7 computers to Windows 8 ! SO am not using Windows 8 anymore and will not downgrade to it when it comes out at any price. I have bought every version of windows so for starting with 3.1 or was it 3.0 not sure on that . BUT i am going to...
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    Upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $39.99

    No Thank you MICROSOFT no Windows 8 for me not even if it was FREE !!!!
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    Solved 64 Bit IE ?

    Ok Thanks for your help I did have it working in the DP of 8 . Now I will have to remove the 64 bit flash as it is not used anyway ! Thank you
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    gpu driver

    Hi I had the same problem I had to back to AMD 11-12 and use the CCC for my HD4850. but I got the 12-1 driver working with the CCC 11-12 software maybe it would work for you too !! Good Luck Jerry W.