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    My pc has become very slow.

    You can use Avira Antivirus for the scan your system. Avira provides the fastest speed and high protection level. Avira will not block tools unnecessarily.
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    Imaging device not found error

    Hi bdiblik, first you have to uninstall the driver which is you installed recently on your PC. Then restart your PC, go to system manager > check there is all driver missing > go to HP official site & type your model & OS the search box. You'll get all driver from there. Download & install it...
  3. JeffMendoza

    Radeon Graphics Update Error

    Hello Mark Phelps, Thank you very much for informing me that, there is an another Forum for windows 10. I'm really happy to hear it. Thanks again! JeffMendoza.
  4. JeffMendoza

    Solved Must Uninstall McAfee...yet cannot

    Welcome to the Forum, as my opinion first I don't have more an idea how to uninstall McAaffe. That's why I Google it. Answers that I found on the Google. * You must have installed Family Protection or Anti-Theft if it's asking for username and password. I don't want to install it! * If they want...
  5. JeffMendoza

    Radeon Graphics Update Error

    Hello, I am using a Laptop with 2GB Radeon Graphics card and OS is Windows 10 latest version. I have received an update message from Radeon, while I click to continue, the update does not work, after few minutes there is showing an error message. How to fix this error? Thanks in advance!