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    Solved windows 8 apps?

    Metro apps don't work with resolution under 1024x768, is your resolution lower than that?
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    ACPI driver

    I installed windows 8 dev privew on my netbook (Asus EEEPC 1001PX) After installing keyboard filter and hotkey service in order to use Fn hotkeys(both from Asus), an error message that sayid "missing ACPI driver" kept popping out evertytime a key was pressed. So I tried installing the latest...
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    Unable to delete alarms in the alarms metro app

    Hi all I just installed windows 8 on my asus netbook and have been trying out the default metro apps. Most apps worked fine except for the weather one which was a bit laggy. However I had some issue with the alarms app. After adding a few alarms, I wanted to delete them. I tried right clicking...